10 Potential Interviews Questions and Answers Job Seekers Must Know

Are you planning to attend interview? Or you hope to attend one or
more interviews in the nearest future?

There questionnaires an interviewer asked to know whether some job seekers possess those enviable parameters suitable for such job before they are employ.

There are a lot of these interviews questions you must know and how to answer those questions in case you are asked.

Below are some of the questions:

1) Can We Meet You?

This is likely the first question that you are going to be asked by your interviewers. You don’t need to beat around the bush; just go straight to the point. You can start like this: my name is Mr. Peter
Adam; I am a graduate of Accounting from University of Benin. I have
five years experience as an accountant in the banking sector, I am
somebody that is hardworking, strong in taking initiative, intelligent
and I believe with my experience, I will perform credibly well in this

Just say few things about your educational background, experiences and so on because more questions are still going to be asked in the cause of the interview

Note that you don’t need to start talking about your family, your crashed marriage and other irrelevant details that are not related to the job until you are being asked.

2) Tell Us (More) About Yourself?

This question is just for you to say few things about yourself that is of important to the job you are being interviewed for. You can tell them about your strength, your weakness, your achievement that is
related to the job you are being interviewed for, your ambition and so
on and so fort.

Like I said before, you don’t need to start talking about your family, your broken marriage and some other naughty talks because its might work against you.

3) What Are Your Strengths?

This is one of the questions employers or interviewers always ask, they want to be ascertained whether you possess qualities that will add value to their company.

The possible answers to this question could be that:

  • You are strong in taking initiative,
  • Team player,
  • You love working with people that are honest, straight forward and this tend to bring out the best in you,
  • You can work with little or no supervision.

4) What Are Your Weakness?

This is one of the questions employers or interviewers ask just to know your weak point. You should look at your weaknesses in your last or current job and tell them how you are working to improve in that area.

A typical example is:

  • You give up easily when results are not positive and that you are working so much to improve in this area,
  • You feel bad when your boss or your colleagues do not appreciate your work and your effort and this discourage you.

5) Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?

This question requires you to have some basic knowledge about the company you intend to work for. You need to carry out some research about the company before the interview date.

You can say that from your researched you carried out, you discovered that the company provide enabling environment for career growth and development by sending their staff for training and refresher courses.

Don’t say that your sister or brother or friends work here and he/she is well paid so I believe I would be well paid as well. This is foolish answer and your employers or interviewers will think that you are only
interested in the money and you might not be employed.

6) Why Are You Looking For a New Job?

This is an elementary question and you don’t need to beat around the bush just to answer question as elementary as this. Not knowing what to say or beating around the bush before your interviewers could be very

There are a lot of circumstances that surround your quest for a new job:

  • One of the possible answers could be that you are currently unemployed and that is why you are looking for a new job.
  • Your former or current job does not avoid you the avenue for career growth and development.
  • Your former company wind-up, restructuring etc due to some reasons and that is why you are looking for a new job.
  • That your former or current job is outside your area of discipline and career objective.

There are so many positive answers to this question and you should look for the one that best describe circumstance surrounding your quest for a new job.

NOTE: You should never blaspheme or speak badly about your former or current company, boss or your colleagues before your interviewers. This might send wrong signal to your interviewers and
they will portray you as a bad somebody.

7) Where Would You Like Or Want To Be in Your Career In The Next 3years, 5years Or 10years From Now?

This question should be answered to show your career objective and growth for example:

If you are seeking position as an Account Officer or Trainee, the best answer would be that you want to be Certified Accountant in the next 5years and rise to be Chartered or Chief Accountant or Financial
Director in the next 10years or 15years.

8) What Are Your Career Achievements Or What Do You Consider To Be Your Greatest Career Achievement?

Try to be explicit as possible as you can, look for the thing you consider as the greatest achievement in your career profile.

To a sale representative, his greatest achievement could be that he achieved N500 million sales within a week by employing well defined strategy, a feat which no other staff has ever achieve in his company.

To a banker, his greatest achievement could be that he was able to achieved N1million deposit in one day.

9) What Kind Of Personality Do You Work Best With?

Everyone has his or her own kind of personality they work best with. Some people may love working with somebody that is strong in taking initiative, honest and straight forward.

10) When You Start A New Job, How Quickly And How Do You Establish Your Credibility With Your Managers and Team?

Before you answer this question, I want you to understand that in a company of 10 or more workforce, there are people with different background, religion, believe, understanding, approach to people and
things etc and their sole aims is to achieve the objectives and visions
of the company. For these objectives to be achieved, there must be good
working relation among the workers.

How you establish a good working relation with your team taking into consideration their believes and different backgrounds is pivotal to your success.

You can tell your interviewers those enviable parameters you possess that draw your co-workers to you and the strategies you employed to established a good working relationship with your team in your last job
and how you intend to do the same in your new job.

It could be:

  • Presenting pleasantries before and after work,
  • Showing love and care,
  • Taking other workers ideas and suggestion,
  • Not to impose your ideas and suggestion on your colleague and so on.
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