10 Online Tools Every College Student Should Use

We now live in a digital age that makes it easier for students to achieve efficiency and stability in their academic lives. Rather than worry about wasting time using organic research processes, note-taking methods, and lugging around huge calendar organizers, students now have access to numerous online applications that can make their life better and easier.

Why are online tools important?

The value of being able to navigate the online realm is a gift that we have yet to take full advantage of. There are many useful tools found online, which can help each individual in their fields of work and study. For students, these tools are a godsend because it allows them to work faster, get better academic results, and spend some well-deserved time resting and recovering from burnout. Online tools are at the tips of your fingers – literally – which means you will hardly need to go to the library, rarely lift a finger to write down thousands of numbers and letters on the chalkboard, or even proofread and edit your own papers. Many developers are doing their best to make the world a better place. Luckily for students, they are at the top of the list. Since they are the future of each and every country, it is only understandable that many applications will be designed solely for them.

What online tools can college students use?

Every year, thousands of apps and websites pop up online – all of them promising to help students in one way or another. However, not all of these options are viable enough to be used in an academic setting. Some of them are still in beta mode, while others are on their way into bankruptcy. What you need to do is choose the right application for your specific needs, which is why we did that job for you. Here is a list of the most useful online tools on the market today. 1. Pomodoro Clock The Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo, is a method that allows people to work in continuous bursts, with short breaks in between. After four rounds of this, you rest for a longer amount of time. The usual method calls for 25-minute work or
study times with 5-minute breaks after. The fourth break takes half an hour. 2.
Wally One of a college student’s most difficult tasks is to not be poor while in college. You’re away from your family, you might not have a job yet, and you may not realize how expensive the stores and retailers are near your campus. This is why you need a budget application like Wally. Not only is it GPS-enabled, it also allows you to take pictures of your receipt, and more importantly, you can write down what you’ve spent and assessed it at the end of the day or week. 3.
Paperwriting.reviews If you’re pressed for time and need a little assistance in your coursework, you can find the best sites that can assist you with your workload. Paperwriting.reviews lists down the most trusted and credible writing services that provide students with the means to edit, proofread, and compose papers for their classes. With all that’s going on in college, a writing service will definitely help take some of the pressure off. 4.
AnkiApp Rather than write hundreds, or even thousands of flashcards, over the course of four years, students can utilize AnkiApp for their recall needs. According to new studies, flashcards can help people learn certain information more quickly and more easily. An app like Anki can save students the time, effort, and money it takes to create flashcard piles. Not only that, Anki can quiz you on what you need to study for. 5.
iTunes University Don’t limit yourself to what your college can offer. iTunes is offering you a collection of courses from various universities from across the country. Even though your university might be present in the list, there’s no harm in learning different points of view from other universities as well. In the end, the key to success in education and life is information sharing. With a treasure trove of courses like these, you can increase your knowledge and stay on top of your game. 6.
Google Docs Google Docs is such an underrated app for students. Although it is designed to be a document writer, students can use it for their to-do lists, goals list, and outlines. The reason is that Google Docs is easily accessible from any computer, especially since most students use Google on a daily basis. There is also an app that allows you to access your documents from your mobile devices. This way, you won’t have to switch through so many reminder and to-do list apps. You can just delete the tasks you’ve finished and you’re good to go. 7.
Zotero Zotero is the gift that keeps on giving, especially for students, who are constantly bombarded with research papers, essays, and thesis projects. The add-on is compatible with most browsers and can be used to save articles, research papers, PDFs, and so much more. With this kind of collection, students can easily find the articles they need for references, bibliographies, and citations. 8.
Instacalc This online calculator can help you solve almost any mathematical problem in record time. It can convert units, can be used as a scientific calculator, and even solve complex equations that you usually need to write down. Although not all courses require mathematics problem solving, those that do will indeed find Instacalc a necessary addition to a student’s existing cache of online tools. 9.
Purdue OWL Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is an open-source writing website that offers instructions for both students and teachers. It is not an automated grammar checker, but the lessons are far more in-depth than one can expect from a minor English subject in high school. This is
best for students who want to pursue a degree in writing. It is better to be ready than to have to go through all the lessons again in your English minor subject. 10.
Dragon Dictation If you are seated way in front of the class, this app can help you put your professor’s words into text. If you are way at the back, you can use the app for homework and research purposes instead. Having a dictation app is helpful because it saves time and energy that you use up when writing or typing. It directly writes down what you say with its voice-to-text program, making it easier for you to write down notes and thoughts without having to lift a pen or finger. Having a bit of digital help can make a world of difference for the average college student. Not only can they have easy access to the information they need, they learn a lot in the process as well. Although it can be overwhelming to have so many applications and sites to look at, you will know the right time to use it. Most of these applications and websites are free to use. Those that are not free are still worth a few membership fees because they hold the key to your future. There are no shortcuts in college, but technology has given us the capability to do things faster, more efficiently, and more conveniently.

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