#1 New, Award Winning Breakthrough Coming to Nigeria!

#1 New, Award Winning Breakthrough Coming to Nigeria! Featured in leading magazines and recommended by world's top doctors! Free distributorship!

People in Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda earning up to $1,000 USD in a single week or more within their 1st 90 days! Voted one of the top 20 opportunities for 2011 by the experts at Business For Home! Lucrative part/full time opportunity! Get paid weekly!

There is an easier and far more lucrative alternative and we’ve got it! Imagine the following:

  • Only having to personally enroll as few as 2 people in our program versus having to enroll 100-200 people in order to succeed in the “old school” companies!
  • Only having to build 2 teams instead of the 8-20 teams that most “old school” companies require!
  • Having the opportunity to earn up to $35,000(USD) a WEEK/up to $140,000(USD) a month on your 2 teams in just one part of our pay plan instead of $1,000-$2,000 a month you’d be lucky to earn in the “old school” companies on those same 2 teams!
  • Getting paid weekly in our program instead of having to wait until the middle of the following month to get paid in the “old school” companies!

For more information and to secure a top pre-launch position absolutely free, go to www.buyryte.nigeriamlmprelaunch.com

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