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Hello Mr.Fred,
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It was very enlightening and has paved a way for upcoming entrepreneurs. Thanks and may God enrich you in his glory

Kunle Biodu O., Lagos state

It is an EYE OPENER! and it shows us how to make money fast from these simple online and offline businesses. Thanks for the eye opening businesses. I cant wait to start my own online business.

Helen Umoren.....Calabar, Nigeria

Thanks for making it known via newspapers that alone will enlighten people and get them set for the journey ahead .I am looking for possible things to do legally... instead of wasting my time in looking for non existent jobs...

Faisal S.....Kastina,Nigeria

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HI MR Fred, I SUBSCRIBED for your guide in response to the advert in that tuesday guardian. I think I want to start with information marketing. Ur explanation there is so impressive and I know i have strong points in that area, I have read some things about it before now, but that your particular write- up made me decide to start right away. Thanks a lot and may God bless you...........

Funke Bukola........Ibadan , Nigeria

We may as well fill up this entire website with testimonies of our clients but this business write up isn't about other people's testimonies, it's about you, your financial upliftment and freedom.

Have you ever wished you could make a living from genuine businesses,(online and offline) well tested over time that could guarantee a steady cash flow without you sacrificing ALL YOUR TIME, the comfort of your loved ones and your hobbies?

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So What Exactly Are These Proven Ways Of Making Money Online and Offline That We're Talking About?

First of all, let me introduce our unique company..

Enterprenurs Concept is a unique company borne out of pure passion with a sole aim of teaching and enligtening both young and old people irrespectivve of age, tribe , religion, color and race.

We specialise in genuine internet and telecommunication businesses. We own and operate numerous profitable online money making businesses.

Most of our businesses are online (on the internet).

Me my humble self , the MD of Enterprenurs Concept has seen it all when it comes to telecom and internet businesses, but there used to be a time when being BROKE was second nature!

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The beauty about these income systems and online businesses is that it has

* nothing to do with trading forex
* nothing to do with network marketing
* nothing to do with owning an office for the business
* has nothing to do with your cretificates or degrees

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* It requires very little start up capital
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The first in line is...


Discover How To Make Over N75,000 Weekly Or N300,000 Monthly Guaranteed Designing Your Own Online Forum or Membership Website!!!

I'm not a computer guru......I guess that's what you might be saying or I cannot operate a computer. Never mind, this business is for you. It's not as difficult and complex as you think. That is why this business is highly recommended for any serious person who is ready to make serious cash online.

Have you ever come accross websites like,,,,,

Do you know what this online websites have in common? They are all money making machines on AUTO PILOT. ie, they are online businesses and systems that constantly generate SERIOUS CASH for their various owners.

And the good news is that you too can start making your own MEGA BUCKS from this business. In this guide, you will discover.......

* How to make N100,000 with this report using a free website to be designed for you.
* What is a membership site or an online forum?
* How to get your own forum for FREE in just 30 minutes.
* How to design your own membership site with just 10 simple steps.
* Nine ways to get at least 100 members pay you N1500 every month.
* Five different ways to get at least 100 Nigerians to become members of your forum.
* Four different tools you need to easily des ign your forum or online membership website.
* How to create special groups for your forum for maximum profits.
* Two ways to make posts for maximum profits.
* Six reasons why people will rush to become members of your online forum or membership site.
* How to tighten the security of your membership site.
* How to manage your own membership website as the administrator and owner.
* How to create sub groups under each under each group for maximum profits.
* How to post for quick cash in your forum.
* How to reply posts.
* List of three online forum to advertise your forum for free.
* Three easy ways to make an extra N50,000 from your forum.......... and lots that cannot be listed here because of space.

This guide comes with some mind blowing bonuses worth over N200,000. They are

'How To Quickly Make $100 Every 2 weeks From 50 People Legally Guaranteed'

'A Free One on One Mentorhsip Programme on two secret businesses that pull in N150,000 every month Guaranteed!.......This no business for unserious people. If making real money online is your dream, then it has just become a reality! Just read on to see how you can be among the lucky 100 people.

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Discover My Simple Techniques Of Generating Over N60,000 Weekly Guaranteed And How You Too Can!

Now, this is no hype or exaggeration. I am actually being modest! Take a look around you. The average Nigerian has a minimum of two phones. That translates into two GSM numbers and in turn into money,ie raw cash into to the bank account of those who realise and understand the potentials and hidden treasures in the GSM industry.
The beauty about CUSTOMISED BULK SMS BUSINESS is that it is one business you can start now and make serious money immediately. I mean serious cash, even without you being a computer GURU, guaranteed !

Now let me explain further.

In Nigeria today,there are over 70 million GSM subscribers, and that figure is still increasing. There are so many businesses that comes with the GSM industry. Do not forget that the telecommunication industry is the second largest industry after the oil industry in Nigeria. Are you ready to cut your share out of the multi billion dollar industry?

The business involves sending customised bulk sms to multiple persons at once from 2 persons, to over a million at the click of your MOUSE. You earn in thousands.

This service is needed by other businesses in our society like schools, churches, mosque, supermarkets, musical studios, NGOs, Politicians, for the dissemination of information to people. Religious bodies use it in sending religious quotations from religuous books like the Bible and Quoran, meeting notification, Politicians use it for campaigns, super markets and mini stores use it for product launch.... In general, it is used for information dissemination.

This is what some prominent Nigerians have to say about the bulk sms business....

"The potential of bulk sms businessis enormous. The demand is increasing daily, with billions of text messages sent on a monthly basis across the country. The profit potential for a small-scale Bulk SMS service provider is over N200,000 monthly and that's a very conservative estimate."

Chinedu David
GSM Consultant & Founder of "GSM News Weekly"

"Being a Bulk SMS provider is extremely lucrative and for the people
who will see it and key into it, this is the time because Bulk SMS is
the next big thing on the internet."

Oluwafisayo Akinlolu
CEO of Hulk Innovations Nigeria Limited, & Founder of

It is a unique business because it is very affordable, and a most direct way of making instant profits.

It is also unique because it is the best and most direct way of advertisement. The information goes right into the phone of each individual. The text message is branded with the name of the company thereby making it to be read immdiately.

SMS business has grown into one of the most powerful market platform for advertisement. People love texts, Nigerians love texts and so sms biz is the hottest biz to go into right now. It is a continous process of PUMPING CASH into your account because INFORMATION must be passed across and you keep SMILING TO THE BANK.


* How to set up your own money spinning bulk sms business for FREE and start earning over N60,000 every single week.
* How to set up this money spinning business with only N1,000 and start earning over N60,000 weekly.
* How to set up this money spinning business with N2,500 and start earning over N60,000 weekly.
* The benefits of the different registration packages.

Setting up your own money spinning bulk sms business isn't enough to make you money unless you have access to some secret techniques which the sms Gurus use in making tons of cash every single week. It's like having a very powerful and fast sports car without an indepth knowledge of how to operate the sports car or drive it.

You will also discover...

* How to get your clients without talking or marketing to anyone. I know people hate marketing.
* How to advertise your Bulk SMS Business on the Internet for FREE and get dozens of clients contacting you and requesting for your Bulk SMS services every singe day.
* How to make Wealthy Individuals & Large Organizations call (or email) you and request for your Bulk SMS services.
* How to advertise your Bulk SMS Business using small, cheap offline classified ads and get hundreds of potential clients contacting you and requesting for your Bulk SMS services every single week.

Newbies to this business always make a common mistake when it comes to the logistics of owning a profitble bulksms business. In this guide, you will also discover...

* How to get all the GSM numbers for free guaranteed without cracking your head.
* The characteristics of a good customised sms provider or gateway.
* The techniques to maximise your profit in this business.
* Where to locate these sms companies i.e their addresses and phone numbers.
* How to run a flexible business without an office and receive payment anywhere in Nigeria.

Are you ready to be a major player in this multi- billion naira industry, if yes,let's take ride. You will also discover how to be a major player in this industry. You will also discover...

* How to own your own bulksms company in your own name or company name.
* Access to the latest technique in customised bulk sms business via your own special or personal bulk sms website.
* How to make over a N100,000 weekly guaranteed from clients who will use your personal bulk sms website.

I LOVE this business. Why? You may ask. Because when you get this guide, you will discover that even before you start this business, your neigbours, friends, colleagues, associates and businesses around you will definitely beg you to collect their money in exchange for this service. The result?.....A swelling bank account.

Take a glance at what our clients have to say about THE BULK SMS GUIDE...

"Explicit! exceptional! mind blowing.....You have not only revealed a mind blowing information, you have also taken the pains to set up the business for us, giving us all the required assistance. You are a blessing to our generation."

Promise Nwankwo....Abuja, Nigeria.

"Dear Sir, I'm writing to inform you that I've received my package (the bulk sms ebook together with the bonuses), and I'm astonished at the powerful information that you are giving away. Honestly speaking, You are cheating yourself by giving away your package for just peanuts."

Bolaji Adetola....Lagos Nigeria.

And lots more! The bulk sms guide is LOADED! Only the first 100 people will have access to this money spinning information. Simply read on to know how to get your copy!.

The next in line is...


Discover How To Earn Up To N200,000 Guaranteed Running A Highly Profitable Web Hosting Company With A Start Up Capital Of N4000!

Unknown to many people, this business is relatively unknown and very cheap to start up. It requires no former knowledge of computers betterstill, you need not be a computer guru for you to operate and run the business. Those already involved in the business are already making over N200,000 as turnover in pure profits.

Take a look around,the in thing now is for your business to be on the INTERNET. ie, Your business must have a website which in turn must be hosted or put in space by a web hosting company. This is where you come in; Owning and providing a web hosting company to host thousand of websites that are uploaded EVERYDAY into the internet.

The market is so big that not even two hundred new web hosting companies registered everyday cannot satisfy or cover the thousands of websites that are constantly uploaded online. There are lots of businesses around with no presence on the internet. Ranging from schools to churches, Ngos, mosques, small and large scale businessses, individuals, coporate organisations thatreally need that are ready to give you raw cash immediately just because they need you to render this service to them.

In this guide you will discover....

* How to run a successful money spinning website hosting company with just a start up capital of N4000!
* How to guarantee a monthly turn over of over N200,000 in pure profits!
* Why you cannot afford to waste another second before getting involved in this businesss.
* Four steps to starting your own web hosting business.
* How to get reliable, cheap and fast VISA CARDS for your online transactions.
* Quick and reliable steps to kick starting your web hosting business and lots more.........

If you are lucky to be among the first 100 people to order for this guide, you will definitely be amazed at how nuch you have missed out of the INTERNET BUSINESSES GOLDMINE due to your ignorance. But all hope isn't lost. Simlply order for your guide immediately because as soon as a hundred people have ordered, the promo price will be reverted to its normal price.

The next in line is...


Discover how this machine can fetch you over N150,000 monthly printing ALL denominations of GSM recharge cards,NECO,WAEC & JAMB Scratch Cards and also NYSC Scratch Cards!!!


Have you ever imagined how much is spent by Nigerians everyday on recharge cards everyday? Over 1 billion naira! It therefore means that in 30 days or 1 month,over 30 billion naira is spent by Nigerians on recharge cards.

As regards the scratch cards business in Nigeria, almost all primary, secondary and tertiary students spend billions of naira in purchasing scratch cards just to check their results! …… much of this billions can you grab for yourself?

And guess what? This machine performs all the above functions!!! You do not need a laptop, desktop,hp laser jet printer or any internet connection! This machine simply produces nad prints ALL denomination of GSM recharge cards and all other examination scratch cards. It can also check the results of all examinations, thereby earning you a TRIPLE income!

In this guide, you will discover……

* Where to obtain this latest GSM Printing machine
* The features of this latest GSM Printing machine
* The uses of this latest GSM Printing machine which includes Printing of ALL denominations of GSM recharge card denominations, checking of WAEC,NECO and JAMB results, and NYSC postings.
* The Features Of the POS machine.
* How to Start the business.
* Money making opportunities using the POS machine.
* The benefits of POS machine……and lots more!!!

If you really want to make it big in GSM Recharge card business in Nigeria, you can't afford to miss this life changing information...


How To Get A Brand New HP/Compaq 250GB,3GB Laptop For N15,000 Only And A Fairly Used P4, PM Laptop For N7000 Only!!!”

Have you ever heard of FLIP AFRICA? If no, well, first of all FLIP stands for FLEXIBLE LAPTOP INITIATIVE PROJECT.

This organisation has being responsible for giving out over 1000 laptops to over 1000 Nigerians for just N15,000!! Can you imagine ? This free special report will reveal to you how you can get your own Brand New HP/Compaq 250GB,3GB Laptop For N15,000 only!

We also know that not everyone can afford N15,000 hence the special report on how you can get a fairly use P4 & PM laptop for N7000 . You can actually sell these laptops for a whooping sum of N50,000 Guaranteed.

If you lay your hands on this information and you are able to get just 10 pieces and sell at N50,000 each, that's a profit of N430,000 in just one deal.

Money isn't about your certificate, it's about information.

Therefore you can't afford to miss this guide...

The next business in line is .....


Discover How To Make A Minimum Of N20,000 Daily Guaranteed! From This Unique Business.


Have you ever come accross codes such as 33140 on radio or television? Have you ever wondered what these codes are all about? Have you sent a simple text message like 'YES' to these codes?

Have you wondered why on earth you grabbed your phone to respond to these sms short code? Well the business involves setting up codes which are made avalaible to the public to which the public responds to SIMPLE QUESTIONS thereby sending you smiling to the bank.

The question now is.....which part of the business do you wish to belong to? Those who send the money or text messages to these codes or those who own the codes and smile to the bank with the sent text messages that generate money?

If your answer is as good as mine, then let's take a ride and discover how you can swell your bank account with this unique business concept.


* The Sms Short Code operator.
* How to choose a four letter code.
* How to access over 20,000 people to respond to your code in one day !!!
* Six techniques to generate your information products.
* Characteristics of a high selling information product.
* How to locate those that need your information product.
* The type of information products you must offer........ and lots more that space cannot accomodate.

The next in line is....


The tag "VOIP" simply means VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL.It is the latest technology used in making the CHEAPEST GSM and INTERNATIONAL calls ever! with the use of a software. Yes the cheapest indeed. Imagine making GSM calls at N10 per minute and international calls at N1.20 per minute? You will definitely smile to the bank when you lay your hands on this software.


* How to get this software for FREE from us.
* How to sell this software to fellow Nigerians and earning over N40,000 every month.
* How to integrate this software with your bulk sms business and earning over a N100,000 weekly.
* Where to get your software recharge cards{not GSM recharge cards}that enables you make these cheap calls.
* All those who ORDER for this guide will get this software for FREE from us.


Discover How To Make Over N390,000 Monthly Guaranteed Opening Visa Card Accounts And Making Online Payments For Individuals And Coporate Organisations.

This is one business I love so much because of its simplicity and ease of the business.

Can you imagine how many people wish to shop online but lack the knowledge of how to go about it? Whether you wish to shop online or receive payments online, look no further as this gude will provide you with all the basic information you with all you need.

The beauty about this business is that it is one of the simplest ways of making money online. In this guide, you will discover.......

* How to make online payments for personal and business uses.
* How to obtain a credit cards that will not be rejected on any website.
* How to make over N390,000 guaranteed from this business.
* A secret website that reveals all the special techniques in online transactions.
* How to maximise your profit in this business.
* How to become an online credit card merchant.
* How to own a personal account.
* How to own a reseller account.
* How to shop from any website such as,,, etc
* How to use your credit card online without revealing your personal identity.
* How to protect your credit card from fraudsters. etc.

This guide is loaded with pricelss information that can definitely transform the history of any empty bank account guaranteed! It also comes with IRRESISTIBLE BONUSES that will make you jump up and down with excitement.


Super Bonus 1: Guaranteed after sales support and service. You will need someone to guide you as you start these businesses. This, we'll do for you free of charge. You can either call, text ,send a mail, or even book an appointment. All these for free!! (Value: Priceless)

Super Bonus 2: How to browse FREE on your laptop. (Value N2,500)

Super Bonus 3: How to watch live Premiership and Champions league matches for FREE on your laptop. (Value N2,500)

Super Bonus 4: How to make N100,000 monthly from highly profitable GSM recharge cards printing business. (Value N3,000)

Super Bonus 5: How to make 100,000 to N1,000,000 monthly from calls made by GSM users in Nigeria starting with zero kobo. (Value N5,000)

Super Bonus 6: How to get N75,000 to N10,000,000 airtime credit and pay later. (Value N5,000)

....And that's not all


SUPER EXCLUSIVE BONUS 7: How to import products for FREE from China and Dubai like phones, e.t.c. (Value N7,500)

SUPER EXCLUSIVE BONUS 8 : How to access N100,000 to N250,000 start up capital without collateral for your business and also get FREE training for any business of your choice. (For graduates and non-graduates). (Value N5,500)

SUPER EXCLUSIVE BONUS 9: How to earn over N40,000 weekly with INFORMATION MARKETING. You will discover the INSIDER SECRETS of turning IDEAS into CASH, GUARANTEED!!! (Value N3,000)

SUPER EXCLUSIVE BONUS 10: SMS SHORT CODE BIZ e.g. Text FIFA to 2010. This unique business concept can fetch you N25,000 in a day. You will get the address and telephone number of the SMS SHORT CODE operator. (Value N3,500)

SUPER EXCLUSIVE BONUS 11: Address and phone number of co-operative where you can build and own a house with just N10,000. (Value N3,000)

....And that's not all


GOLD EXCLUSIVE BONUS 12: How to make over N40,000 from two sims in one phone. (Value N2,000)

GOLD EXCLUSIVE BONUS 13: Where to get booster free sims and operate a phone call centres as a mini GSM company. (Value N2,500)

GOLD EXCLUSIVE BONUS 14: How to make over N250,000 monthly from calls centres. (Value N2,500)

GOLD EXCLUSIVE BONUS 15: How to monitor your call centre electronically without being around to maximise your profit. (Value N2,000)

GOLD EXCLUSIVE BONUS 16: How to make over N100,000 setting up a cyber cafe. (Value N2,500)

GOLD EXCLUSIVE BONUS 17: How to make over N150,000 monthly from unique GSM accessories. (Value N2,000)

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DIAMOND EXCLUSIVE BONUS 18: How to turn N2,000 to N201,600 online in one transaction. This particular information is ONE BIG SECRET that is so easy but yet, very few people know it. Call the EFCC if it doesn't work. (Value N7,500)

DIAMOND EXCLUSIVE BONUS 19: How to make over $1,380 from one blog and get your payment in Nigeria in three days. (Value N5,000)

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NB: The difference between the rich and the poor is INFORMATION...

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