As we all know, common sense will surely dictate that corruption is pervasive in Nigerian society, and exist at particularly every level of society.
It’s neither permanent nor temporary. To date, it has become a proven fact that corruption remains constant, even in our homes. Radiating amid individuals within and outside sectors; both... public and private.
Giant of Africa; Nigeria, endowed with synthetic agent of negative change ‘corruption’. Thus, making it a concentrate through the application of their abilities and with the aid of their mother tongue.
Corruption; spreading like flu, germinating like seed. Who might have planted this unwholesome seed? Sprouting problems beyond individuals comprehension, resultant effect; unemployment; resulting to robbery and prostitution, deteriorated educational system; thus leading to dilution of students’ skills, malpractices and cultism, paralyzed infrastructural development; throwing us into the lagoon of dilemma, political pollution; resulting to bomb blasting, abduction, Aso rock decomposition, election manipulation and bribery, crime wave; diversifying Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to Operation Plant Corruption, and what have you.
Today, faith towards eradicating corruption is becoming faint, even in the midst of brethren in the lord.
It is a commonplace to assert that corruption in Nigeria is like an endless puzzle, in which leaders and representatives of whatever appendage or nomenclature they have gone by, from Tafawa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Musa Yar’adua to our present Goodluck Jonathan, have worked seemingly tirelessly on this puzzle, yet the more they all try to fix, the more scrambled the puzzle appeared. Despite the amnesty deal, EFCC and ICPC, corruption in Nigeria remains condensed.
It’s of two sides of a coin; who are we to blame, if not ourselves? And who are they to put the blame on, if not themselves?
If not majority of ourselves, who because of poverty mentality and political illiteracy, go ahead to conspire with themselves; bag of rice, gallon of oil, not excluding cash and others, in exchange for citizens’ right; towards eliminating corruption.
Who strongly belief that leaders and heads of whatever nomenclature, are there to meet with our wants and not our needs.
And if not majority of themselves who thrive into politics-like business, camouflaging themselves with ambition; towards neutralizing the quality of the so called monster ‘corruption’. Who lack sense of patriotism and leadership. Who believe they’ve invested a lot (financially and materially); before being elected to office, and it is the right time for them to recover all that they’ve invested.
Who are only interested in their own needs and interest, rather than thinking about publicity budget.
At this age, giant of Africa and its representatives still finds it difficult to get corruption vaporized. So, we must all admit that corruption is the common denominator to all generation’s problem. In fact, it remains the mother of our problems.
Ultimately, there is no doubt that over the next ten years, corruption still retains it quality as the greatest challenge facing generation(s) within and outside Nigerian’s habitat, not excluding vision 2020. Therefore, if we can address corruption, present and future generation, will automatically become challenge-free, even in the year 2020 as far as Nigeria is concern.[email protected]

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Comment by arun on July 17, 2019 at 6:13am

Synchronization is must for the system but first we have need to  to know by the advance information so that we can easily do that.

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