Skills to Thrive as an Electrical & Electronics Engineer

Just an engineering degree is not enough to meet your career goals nowadays. With the increasing competition and evolving technology, you need to have some value-added skills and an engineering degree to stand apart from the crowd. Recruiters tend to consider your candidature if you equip value added skills beneficial for the industry.

The unemployment rate among engineers across the globe is the highest if compared to any other industry. It is prevailing due to the skill gap occurring due to a highly evolving curriculum.

Hundreds of engineers pass b tech electrical and electronics engineering every year; however, a few possess job-oriented skills. This is where the unemployment rate among B.Tech EEE graduates pile up. We can easily reduce the unemployment rate by filling the skill gap using value added skills.

We have jotted down a few pointers to help electrical and electronics engineers to gain the skills and thrive your career advancement.

Embedded System Training

An embedded system combines a computer memory, computer processor, and input/output devices with a dedicated function within a larger electrical system. Over time, embedded systems have emerged as one of the highly advanced technologies in electronics applications. Hence, knowing the embedded system and its applications can add up to your resume and land you a highly competitive pay package.

Micro Processor Training

Microprocessor and microcontroller is a major element of electrical and electronics engineering. No electrical and electronics engineer can sustain in the industry without the proper functional knowledge of microprocessors. Hence, enrolling on a specialised training program for microprocessors and microcontrollers will add to your skill set to advance your electronics and electrical engineering career.

Robotics Training

Robots are the future. The B.Tech curriculum for electrical and electronics engineering has a sense of robotics. However, for extensive knowledge of the same, formal/informal training might be required. Electrical and Electronics Engineers need to excel in designing and to control for a future proof job opportunity. Robotics is one of the key emerging technologies to help attain the position.

PLC Workshops

Programmable Logic Controller, a.k.a. PLC, refers to a type of computer typically used in industrial and commercial control applications. PLC is essential for employing operation and automatic control. Hence, a PLC workshop shall add up to the skill set and aid you to get to new heights. Students get an industry-oriented skill set. Accounting to its massive popularity, several PLC training programmes are curated to help students advance their skills.

Project Simulation Training

A sound engineer must be agile to deliver the projects. The project stimulation competence of an engineer is a must in the highly evolving world. Accounting to the necessity of the skill, several project simulation training programmes are running actively to help engineers get to their goals earlier than other graduates. This value-added skill is not limited to electronics and electrical discipline. Students in their third and fourth year can find a suitable project stimulation training programme to match the competition.

Industrial Internships

In today's highly advancing competitive era, a B.Tech graduate must equip proper on-the-job training. To become industry ready right after completion of graduation, you must enrol for internships during the course. An internship can provide you with extensive practical knowledge and industry exposure. Several studies suggest that an internship can boost your chances of landing a job with a handsome salary in an early stage of your career path.


Accounting to a rigorous competition in electrical and electronics engineering verticals, a mere B.Tech degree would not help you match the industry demands. Therefore, as an engineering student, you must keep yourself updated with the emerging technologies and equip value-added skills. Along with a BTech admission, you must consider enrolling in different training programmes and workshops to enhance your CV for the dream job.

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