COVID19 – Your 5 Questions That Need Urgent Answered

COVID19 – Your 5 Questions That Need Urgent Answered


Generally, it has been over 5 months now that the entire world has been experiencing a pandemic of Coronavirus aka COVID-19. Scientist, world leaders as well as religious and educationist have been trying their best to safeguard the spread of COVID-19, but all effort has not yielded positive results. Instead, the spread continues and business had been lockdown and several companies have been closed down. What a terrible case that this terrible virus has damaged the whole world.

However, our research revealed that many business owners have been asking serious and series of questions; mostly how their businesses can survive during this COVID-19 pandemic season? What can they do to safeguard their business from lockdown? How they can overcome challenges that confront business activities during this terrible season? Etc.

We gathered some of the regularly asked questions that were given to our desk in the past months, and we believe that you may examine from it immensely, and it can be useful for you to survive and triumph during COVID-19 pandemic season that the world is experiencing. These questions are:


  1. How can I increase my sales duration COVID-19 Pandemic?

Facing challenges are in various forms and it can happen at different times. This applies to Coronavirus pandemic that the world is experiencing at this moment. Although, each crisis and challenges open door for new opportunities and this COVID-19 is not different. Now is the time to discover ways to seize and make use of the moment and the new opportunities attached to it.

There is no doubt that there are several business and niches that attract millions of people at a time, such as Music, Prayer, Gaming, Torrents, Health and E-commerce. All these and more attracts millions of customers today mostly this period of Coronavirus lockdown. Now, you should ask yourself whether you could deliver them what they're after. You should try to think about the users and their interests, once you discover their interest, then, if you’ll give them what they are searching for, definitely they will follow and buy your ideas. Buying your idea means to buy what you offer them. Keep in mind that this can eventually end up the beginning of something new and splendid for you. You will agree with me that no better time to strive out new and profitable more than before than now.


  1. I am spending a lot of clicks, but my revenue is 0 – Why is that?

Since we are a performance-based network, our primary pricing model is CPA, which means that the writer will earn money handiest when visitors make an action (a sale, contact request, newsletter signal-up, registration, filling out a survey, etc.).

The fee of every conversion is primarily based on many parameters which include Geo, Vertical, Model of the marketing campaign, pleasant of traffic, etc. Advertisers are willing to pay better fees for a CPA than the CPM version for the reason that they recognize their marketing campaign could be more successful.


  1. I want to make more money; do the ad-pleasant surely count number at this terrible lockdown period?

Yes. Especially now, it’s critical to stay on pinnacle of things. The economy and ad-charges could swap over at any moment, so you, too, must be prepared to grab the opportunity. Nevertheless, don’t commercialize your website for a lower price or minus dollars that cannot sustain you long. Always have it in your mind that COVID19 will soon expire, therefore, don’t allow your present and future customers to pass you buy. Keep the content of your business and the website as well as the ad-kind on the highest-quality as you can.


  1. My revenue is getting lower, maybe is a result of the competitors, what can I do?

This season is a period that all of us feel the negative impacts of Coronavirus. It is a time when the neighbours’ grass isn’t greener. If you sense like you’re making less money, it’s likely a direct impact of COVID-19 that the entire world is experience. However, looking to join another company or having an idea to look for new adventures at the moment is not a good option, but it’s better to stick to the best and the business you already familiar and well recognize. Don’t forget that, this season will soon expire. Be wise!


  1. How can I optimize my website site during this Coronavirus pandemic?

The principles of Optimize website do not change. If you have been able to optimize your website before the COVID-19 pandemic season, surely you can do more at this time with the aid of the following steps:

  • Check your TDK (Title, Keyword, and Description)
  • Create Good Content and make sure it is user-friendly
  • Create one way links that relevant to your web site like the use of PBN
  • Optimized your HTML Code the usage of CSS preferable
  • Create a sitemap and make sure you have got breadcrumbs on all of your merchandise so that SE Crawler able to crawler all of your pages
  • Submit to GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) and Submit your Sitemap


Finally, we are already in the season of COVID19 pandemic, and nobody can tell the time it will end. Moreover, experience this at moment has its opportunity, therefore, you have to continue to motivate yourself to be active, ask the right questions, learn more and discover new things with new ideas, give your new thoughts and live positive. I will like to know and hear how this article has blessed you. Send your comments and view! Stay blesses and stays safe!

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