A case of Overblown ego and intolerance: The Newzealand face of terror and the role of the media


The dastardly act committed by a white terrorist known as Brenson Harrison Tarant packaged and described as an ‘angelic boy’, ‘an evil-far right’, ‘the backpacker killer’, ‘a good boy’, ‘a psychopath’, ‘a Maniac’ etc by the various media giants like daily mirror, daily mail, daily express, the sun and others shows how these so called media giants fuel hate among the people and how they try to seek sympathy for crimes committed by some Whites that harbour hatred for people of other religion and race. It is a shame that love for human souls have been dumped into the sewage of racial supremacy, and religious intolerance to substantiate or support killings for public consumption.

This approach is to undermine other races and to give room for white supremacy over others, one which only fuels more hate among a people who are and have been co-existing for a long period of time in peace. It is so sad that on this fateful day, the hate was broadcast live on facebook for the world to see how the lives of Muslims and Immigrants mattered less to a people who have pretended to preach love and peace as well as tolerance over the years. The ploy to kill or maim by the assailant was streamed on social media to the extent that the attacker even showed his face to the world to have a glimpse of what the devil looks like in the body of man, while some media houses have come to feed us with accepting that his actions were as a result of his growing-up and trauma being witnessed in the past. I think it is time we call a spade a spade.

The question on my mind is that what could make him even stream the crime on live feed? Why was there no security officers around to apprehend him to reduce the number of those whose lives were cut short on that fateful day? Why is the media glorifying a grievous crime with sympathetic phrases for a man who shot his victims till they breathed their last? It was a gory sight as he brandished the machine gun cutting down all he met on his way. No sympathy, no feelings that these are not animals but humans like him. It is a big shame to see the level of intolerance displayed by media houses and politicians who have glorified this killing in a holy sanctuary. The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be brought to book.

One question needing answers is why would Tarrant the “tyrant and terrorist’’ livestream his heinous crime? We need to look at the manifesto written by this man and there is a clue for everyone of us to see. One of the answers that comes to mind is ‘fear of dominance or replacement’. Tarrant titled his manifesto “the great replacement”he feared that English culture and way of life sooner or later may be replaced by Islamic culture due to the increased rate of immigration as birth rate drops in those European countries. This reminds me of the subject I once taught my students in Economics on factors that contribute to population size of a country in which we have three basic factors of death, birth and migration (immigration and emigration). He believes that it was the White who brought development to cities, dominated people through colonization most especially in India and Africa and they were the ones who brought about scientific development across the world forgetting that there are names of Muslims who were notable scientist whose names are boldly written on the walls of history as contributors to science and global development. Such names like Rhazes whose real name is Abu Bakr Al-Razi (865-925) who is one of the greatest phsicians in history, another is Averroes whose real name is Ibn Rushd (1126-1198) an Arab Philosopher, likewise Algoritimi whose real name is Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizimi(780-850) who introduced the concept of algebra into European mathematics, while Avicenna whose real name is Ali al-Husayn Ibn Sina (980-1037). According to Emily Pothast in her online article of March 15, 2019, “basically, everything that Tarrant thinks other people are doing are conspicuously things that white people of European descent have literally done to other people for several years.” He believes that immigrants may likely take over Europe if the anti-immigration laws are not in place and most especially the Muslims must be stopped. The only way to seek sympathy is to ride on the wings of Islamophobia to appease the White communities all around the world. The perpetrator of this crime sees Muslims as a threat to the changing culture of Europe and Europeans and there is a need to implore the spirit of White supremacy even if it had to involve taking the lives of defenceless Muslims. It was reported that he sees that attacking Muslims receive the greatest level of support. Such support like that made by an Australian senator Fraser Anning. The aftermath of such statements can further aggravate issues and European countries have began to increase the level of security on possible reprisal attacks on their shores to its peak, just like an attack that happened three days after in Ultrecht where three people were reportedly gunned down in a tram.

It is time we all embrace the truth and shun falsehood, the enemies of Islam are working tooth and nail to prove a point which doesn’t exist in the teachings of Islam most especially in the Quran and the message of the Holy Prophet contained in its Sunnah. Islam remains a religion of tolerance and peace and it is against any form of violence and promotes love for one’s neighbours. It is not new that some people are carrying out malicious campaigns to smear the religion just like the media houses have been doing in recent times to paint the religion as a religion that condones terrorism while we all are aware of the root of terrorism across the globe. Allah in His mercy warn in the Holy Quran that “Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an 5:32). It was reported by Aishah (R.A), that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him said, “Verily, whoever has been given the quality of kindness has been given his portion of good in this life and in the Hereafter. Maintaining family ties, good character, and good treatment of neighbours will build their heavenly abodes and increase their life spans.” (Source: Musnad Ahmad 24371, graded as Sahih by Al-Albani).

The terrorist, the media and the other elements within our soicety who are being beclouded by Islamophobia should be cautious of a day when they shall be called to account for their deeds, and they should know that there is a place of eternity where all of man shall dwell in. They must be objective and be truthful in their dealings with the whole of mankind. Allah alone is full of mercy for individuals. We pray for the departed ones that Allah grant them martyrdom and grant them paradise and for those who hate Islam and Muslims, we pray Allah change your minds for good just like he changed the heart of Khalid ibn Whalid to become a great tool for the development of Islam. Assalam alaykum waramatullahi wabarakatuhu.

Ayinla, Muyideen Adeleke © 2019


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