D’ Whales is described by other artists as a Real Show Man! He was born and raised in Benin city in Nigeria, but is since august 15th 1999
based in Linköping, Sweden. He lived in Nigeria all his life until June
1996 when he relocated to Gambia. D’ Whales is still remembered in
Gambia for his originality and improvisations.
He actually introduced live Reggae/Ragga in the tourist industry where
most bands only played cover songs to entertain the tourist from
Europe. At first, the hotels didn’t like the idea but got amused by the
turnovers and increasing numbers in every aspect. He played from hotel
to hotel and met people from every path of the world, mostly Europeans,
and many of them became fans.

D’Whales – Taking You To Motown ft. Kristin Amparo

DWhales – I Never Ever Thought

After a while he gave up his band and sold his little paradise when he met a pretty Swedish girl. He left Gambia and moved to Sweden with her where he had to start from scratch again. He now lives in
Linköping, Sweden where has already established a reputation that
represents who he is and who he wants to be. D’ Whales met up with two
cool guys from the former Cloudberry Jam, Henke & “Grand Master J”
(Jörgen) , and started up a new band, The Frequency Benders , which had
a big success in Japan with two albums in their baggage.
The band later called it off for different reasons but still work
together in many ways. He has also gained respect from bigger artist
like Papa Dee, Swing (Blacknuss), Chilly & Leafy. D’Whales is also
a full member of The Killers. D’ Whales has developed a new style which
is influenced by artists like Eek a Mouse and Tenor Saw. His style of
music is a blend of Hip-Hop, Ragga, Reggae & Soul.

D’Whales – My Number 1

D’Whales – Who Say

DWhales, DWhales – I Never Ever Thought., D’Whales – My Number 1,

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