How to recover Google password without phone number

Google is the world's largest IT firm that confines million dollar stack and provides several features like Gmail. Google map, youtube, google drive and many more. At some instant, we require to recover the password even if we do not keep a phone number associated with Google. There are several email account held by an individual and thus it becomes complicated to remember all the password at one time. There are many ways to recover Google password. If you are a concerned user and want google account password recovery without phone number then you should get in touch with technical troubleshooter. The technical troubleshooters are highly educated and they are experienced too. Therefore it is very easy for them to provide support in all the issues of google.

Steps to recover the Google account password:
Fors of all open the official webmail of
Try to login into the panel by entering the valid email address.
Below the email address section, you will get the option I Forgot password.
Click on the password and then you will be asked to mention the way you want to recover your email password.
Click on the recover password by email and move further.
Now enter the registered email address and click ok.
Go to your alternate email address and open the link you have been provided.
Now access would be open and you can re-enter your password.
Save the changes after resetting the new password.
Now try to open the Google site by new password.

The above process is very easy to adopt. In case of any further assistance, you can contact on Google account recovery phone number at any point in time.

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Comment by John Doe on August 18, 2020 at 5:04pm

I was recovering passwords for GMail and other services via a PC. I ran the Uneraser file recovery program. She found files with saved passwords.

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