I wish to express my concern on the growing resentment in Rumuekpe Community. Rumuekpe community deserted in 2005 as a result of who controls proceeds due the community from the various oil companies.

 As I write this piece, the people of Rumuekpe is still finding it difficult to return to their community. The reason is that the State government has refused to extend their helping hand to them.

This problem started before the incumbent government took over and the true born son of Ikwerre has refused to comment on that case.

I hear the state government is building primary health centers, model schools and electrification of communities are on but what has happened to the oil producing community? (Rumuekpe)

Considering what the state is deriving from the community, they are not supposed to be left alone.

As I contemplate on the community’s tortuous journey, it is difficult to give any of the parastatals – governor, chairman, counselor and other services a pass mark in their performance in development of the community.

As I write this piece, the government of Amaechi has set up a judicial commission to identify culprits in Ogoni (Dere crisis). He has also visited the scene to please the Ogonis but what has happened to the people of Rumuekpe?

Three months ago, the women of Rumuekpe went to the state house of assembly to protest against the attitude of the Local Government Chairman and the Ogbakor Ikwerre Convention Chairman but that complain was kept in silence.

Apparently, the Rivers State Government has dumped Rumuekpe Community in mass poverty.

However, considering the community’s enormous natural/ human resources, the future is still bright for Rumuekpe youths.


Long live Rumuekpe community!





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