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That EFCC vs Joe Musa and others Court Saga: Questions Need Asking

It has long been certain that “the wheels of justice grind slowly”, (in Nigeria and other less refined societies, usually oiled by Corruption) yet, contrary to the old adage, they don’t necessarily “grind exceedingly fine.”  In all cases, it is the victims that suffer the consequences.


In many cases, hearings are listed intermittently, weeks, if not months, apart. They are interrupted in the middle of cross-examinations, for instance, which have to be resumed after a long…


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The Problems and Challenges of Insecurity in Nigeria

Paper Presented to ACN UK General Meeting, 10th September 2011-09-02 London, UK .


Ladies and gentlemen, it is perhaps imperative in this presentation to come to certain terms with what we are going to talk about. This is because when we say security, are we talking about food insecurity, financial insecurity, personal security, national security, etc?


Anyway, I am sure, for this purpose of this political…


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