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Talking TANAKH: Yitshaq's Marriage to Ribkah.

The marriage of Ribkah to Yitshaq (Bereshith/Genesis 24) as read from this week’s Torah portion reveals nuggets of truth for the People of Yahweh concerning the hope of Yisrael. As may be read, Abraham conscripts his trusted servant Eliezar into taking a wife from Abraham’s people for Yitshaq/Isaac. The reason for this mission is because the Canaanites…


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Talking TANAKH!

Bereshith/Genesis 23: Sarah dies in Hebron and Abraham buys land - the cave of Makpelah - off Ephron a son of Heth to serve as a burial place for his dead. Aside the fact he now legally owns a portion of land (the transaction was carried out in agreement with the sons of Heth) in the spread Yahweh promised him, I wonder if there are significances.

Bereshith/Genesis 24: Abraham performs his duty to his son Yitshaq/Isaac by seeking out a wife -…

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Offline secretary, Baby making & naming plus Beautiful Beast.

It’s been sort of an intense period lately what with travel schedules through the appointed period of feasting with Yahweh’s People in His presence and I must confess to be free from engagements is relieving due to

certain happenings that occurred just before the festivals. One is not

concerned with ‘perhaps’ rather I look to what is hoped for.

Well, I take off time to look through what my newly discovered offline secretary has in her kitty and here’s a reproduction of the… Continue

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