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The Beauty of Giving

Many clichés come to mind when the thought of this hit my mind. Among this are: ‘’It’s the hand of the giver that lies on top’’, ‘’to whom much is given, much is expected”. It’s clearly a fact that the Giver enriches the Receiver.…


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Nigerians are known to be industrious, disciplined, intelligent and nice naturally. However, current events in our National life seem to suggest that we as a Nation have derailed. Nigerians are being viewed with suspicion both home and abroad. In the recent past, it was not uncommon to see admonitions by Foreign Governments that their Nationals should not do any business with Nigerians. Even the way we are frisked at the International airports left a lot to be desired and our case was…


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The Power of winning

According to Ann Landers, “The annals of history are crowded with those who grew from obscurity to greatness”. This goes to tell you that there is enough space for all to print their name in gold, there is no competition in destiny and it’s no longer news that someone grew from nothing to something but the news is how that…


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The daily cycle of a Nigerian young man

Unlike my peers in other parts of the world who may most likely be living on their own, I live with my friend because of the high cost of rent and accommodation in Abuja. I woke up without the comfort of power as we never expect power always and with the company of a band of mosquitoes for the night.…


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