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Six (6) Ways Men Can Escape Poverty

In order for men to escape poverty, there are certain attitudes a man needs to let go, there are several friends you need to keep aside and forge ahead with your life if you must be successful in life.

Therefore, if you should know that having a responsible woman around you also helps you move into your high places as…


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Transformer Cable Thieves Caught, Disgraced And Paraded In Anambra

Thieves who are experts in stealing armored cables from various transformers in Okpoko including Umenweke street,Ogbudike street, Moubuike street and so many other streets in Anambra were caught and disgrcaed by mob…


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The Best Method of Using Skype For Business Presentation

Many people are using Skype for fun and video calls only, without knowing that there are several things to do with Skype, the same way you can be able to make money through Facebook, you can also make higher money on your skype, by using it for business promotion and presentation as well. …


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Ways To Say I love You Through Actions Not Just With Words

Saying I Love You is one of the most important words that keep you going in a relationship, but many take it for granted thinking that once they say it once, that it's enough. Well, sometimes it will be enough to the person you say it to, at that moment.


read more at>>>…


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