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To all daches friends am back on line. i was away for something good

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My people, the fight for restoration of a credible democracy in this our great nation Nigeria is not yet finished. As the southerners, Nigerias, Africas, and the whole world will join me in remembrance of June 12 1993. The day our voting right was denied, our constitution was toiled with, the struggle of our fore fathers betrayed after which MKO paid the price. And we fold our hands and watched be course we cant challenge the military IBB and CO. This was a period our great men were… Continue

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Incredible IBB wants MKO immortalize by the federal government. Is it the devil still at work or JESUS CHRIST have taken over the affairs of the country? I can remember the general through his press representative said MKO was not the best for this country, so his victory was denied, have we now reverse our minds or we just need votes in 2011? Abacha loot was challanged only after he was death and MKO remembered after his death. IBB, Obasanjo, etc refuse to appeare in panels set to qustion… Continue

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We nigerians are confusing ourselfs, let us support a credible leader. The choice of the people is never considerd as rigging is the order of the day. THE VOICE OF THE MASSES IS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE AND THE VIOCE OF GOD

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