Road Rehabilitation In Lagos State

Kindly allow me to comment on the above subject of mine.I really appreciate our Gov BRF for the good work he has been doing to we lagosians but I will like to know why the indigenous contractors are failing in their respective ways to perform like the foreign nes.How many years will it take the contractor handling the Pen Cinema - Iju Ishaga road to complete.Also the Yaya Abatan road with particular refrence to the middle section where we have the bridge .For the past 2-3 years the contractor… Continue

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I will like to know from the Ministry of Transpot Lagos State if the LASTMA officers are allowed to drive vechicles that are arrested by them despite that the driver or the owner of the vechicle is with them and he/she did not refuse the arrest ?
Also,are they authorise to allow cabs,taxi car,kabkabus parking under the bridge @ the popular Apongbon under bridge coming from top of the bridge from CMS TO Carter bridge.

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Police Checking Points In Lagos State

I will like to bring to the nyice of the Lagos State Police Commissioner,Area Commanders and the Dpo's about the attitude of the RRS ploice officers at the Jungle bus stop along Iju-Ishaga road in Ifako-Ijaiye Local Govt that they are just there collect bribes from okada and danfo drivers thereby causing a lot of go-slow on the road for other road users I think the Area commander of Area G Ogba can please help us out from this officers who are denting the good image of the Lagos State Police… Continue

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The Trailers park In Ogun State

This is the best time for the governor of Ogun State of Nigeria Otunba Gbenga Daniel to borrow a leaf from his counter part Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos State about the parkings of this trailers on the highway of Lagos -Shagamu -Ogere -Ibadan Expressway causing along hold up on the expressway.
If the TRACEofficer are really doing their job like the LASTMA of Lagos state this go slow on the highway will be a past occurences on the highway.Please brace up

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Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria

It is shameful that Alhaji Dr Rilwan Lukman the so called Minister of Petroleum is still there as a minister,What is he still doing in the gvernment at his age and looking at things falling apart in his ministry.May be he wanted to die in the ministry but his better for him to go and learn a lesson from Dr Ernest Ndukwe of NCC for a job well done to the price (s) of sim cards from N50,0000 thousand naira initially when GSM first started in Nigeria and now to N150 or almost free .He is not… Continue

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Visa Issuarance at British Embassy In Nigeria

I am so disappointed at the way at our so called colonial masters i.e The British treat our visa applications.Most of the so called ECO Entry Clearance Offifers are not suppose to be there because from what has happened they lack training and I do not know if the are out of mind because how can an applicant working in a reputable bank submit a forged financial statement of account in support of his/her visa application? Is it not ridiculous for the so called ECO to just refuse an applicant on… Continue

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Nigeria Where Nothing Works

I am so disappointed to see up till now our electicity are in shambles despite the promise made by the energy Minister.But all yhese government officers do travel abrad and they can see how these countres are planned.Nothing is going on on all the allocated sites for the so called PHCN only the contractors sign board are there to show that the site is for the purpose allocated it to .God save us in Nigeria

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