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Daily Power Review(Matthew 26:30-46)

Matthew 26:30-46

When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. Jesus and his disciples had time to even sing hymns. Singing to God's glory was also important to them. It was not all about going from place to place, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, delivering the oppressed or even praying.

They also knew the secret in hymns/songs. They went out(left the house/for work) with the grace/energy from the hymns, not just the common… Continue

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,On 30th January, 2009, four years ago, Imo State University Teaching Hospital(IMSUTH) joined the league of other accredited medical schools that have been producing qualified medical doctors, as they hosted a successful induction ceremony for their first set of doctors. After a long wait, the occasion came as a glimpse of hope for prospective doctors who have long overstayed in the institution.

The successful graduation of the pioneer students come on the heels of the full… Continue

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Nigerian Football Woes - Who Takes The Blame?

Moving down the pecking order to 10th in Africa and backtracking three times, from 57th to the 60th position in the world's football scene clearly showed the dismal performance of Nigeria recently. This climaxed last year, evidenced by our inability to qualify, or even participate in any continental or world's tournament. It remains a reflection of our lacklustre attitude towards a possible positive change.

Our lack of ideas and action-backed gusto to reasonably improve our game and at the… Continue

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Beyond Ashes And Sackclothes

Unarguably, the decisions we make each moment of our lives have a way of making or destroying us- it can either make us better or worse. Again, our actions, to a great extent dramatise our decisions. The truth remains that our decisions, thoughts and actions cannot be separated, they work together to determine our choices and relevance; the nature of our relationship with people and all-round influence on our society.

Once in a while, we make up our minds to act in ways that leave us… Continue

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The Anarchic Rule Of Ohakim

Having miraculously come to be the governor through one of the easiest and rarest circumstances, one would have expected a better performance from Chief Ikedi Godson Ohakim(IGO), the governor that was recently ousted from office in Imo State. Having been privileged to see the limelight, though from a humble background, Ohakim carelessly managed and made a mess of the rare opportunity given to him to write his name, like Mbakwe, in the annals of Imo history.

The 2007 elections in Imo… Continue

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Nigerian Politics And PDP's Dominance

PDP once said that they will rule this nation for a minimum of 60years, making us susceptible to a gradual departure from true democracy to the realm of political anarchy. One is made to ponder whether the one party system(only PDP)will be democracy or disguised dictatorship. The thought of the possible future puts fear in the hearts of well meaning Nigerians. The hold of PDP on this nation looks so strong and spells doom for us all. Its reversal is almost unthinkable, considering the sequence… Continue

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Religious Politics In Nigeria

The inability of religion to keep mute in some sensitive political matters of the nation has become the bane of our modern-day democracy. Taking a look at our political arena, religion seems to be playing a pivotal role in the sequencing of our political events, including the unfavourable ones and at the same time serving as a compass for navigating the nation's political ship.

The political divide between the northern and southern regions of the country is not just because of… Continue

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April Fool - Take Heart Nigerians!

The tricks played on people on April Fool's day can't be more than the one played on unsuspecting Nigerians on April 2 with an issue as serious as our elections. Just as the seemingly careful ones among us exercised our shrewdness and thought that we have manoeuvred any possibility of becoming victims of this year's version, ours came in a bigger, more surprising and unfortunate package -election cancellation and deferment.

Reminiscing about the event, I had no choice than to give my… Continue

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Imo State University Teaching Hospital - An Abandoned Project? (1)

Activities in Imo State University Teaching Hospital(IMSUTH),recently christened Evan Enwerem University Teaching Hospital(EEUTH),Orlu is gradually coming to a standstill, thanks to the gross negligence and the obvious lackadaisical attitude of the Ohakim-led administration towards the establishment of needed structures, completion of the already existing ones, caring properly for the staff and so on. The hospital,together with the medical college and the nursing department of the state's… Continue

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Imo State University Teaching Hospital - An Abandoned Project? (2)

Alot has actually gone wrong in the hospital that almost all students are angry with the whole thing.

A six year course is now studied for up to eleven years and no one cares. The worst of it all is that the students are expected to pay the fees of these wasted years. They are also expected to pay the newly inflated school fees and carter for their house rents, and other necessities of life.

People, who are privileged and opportuned to travel abroad for their studies have… Continue

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The Hiphop Christians

Who are they? Where are they? What do they actually mean by that? What are they standing for? I just hope that this is not one of the latest and/or last signs of the end of days! We really need to be more commited with watching and praying, for the days are more dangerous than we initially thought.

Sometime last year, I went to visit a friend of mine and on reaching his house, I met two other people who came to visit him. They claimed to be 'hiphop christians'.During the course of… Continue

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Nigerian Elections - When Sycophancy Pays

Elections are at the corner with party campaigns heating up, politicians are making their interests known to the public. Carefully concocted manifestos are being paraded, INEC compiling the names of party representatives and support sought from individuals and people groups. The great wind of elections is sweeping across the country and many become victims of assassinations and kidnaps, others end up mishaving due to much excitement. With the good, the bad and the ugly poised to lock horns in… Continue

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Spiritual Fruit vs Spiritual Gift

To start with, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are those special but spiritual abilities that manifest in a believer after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, whereas the fruit of the Holy Spirit is a conglomeration of all the expected and distinguishing virtues or characters imputed into a believer during the first work of the Holy Spirit in his/her life at salvation.

Actually, the gifts of the Spirit speak more of the power given to christians to be able to do the work of God,… Continue

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My Tribute To Chika - The Lessons From The Life Of A 'Sleeping' Gem

"Though (I) was unable to believe (this) because it was not imagined, I spoke with her sister few minutes past and she confirmed it. Sister Chika Okoro is dead!", read the text message I received from Bro. Samuel, the President of the Scripture Union Campus Fellowship located in Evan Enwerem University(EEU), former Imo State University(IMSU) at 04:25:29p.m. on Sunday, the 28th day of November, 2010 as I was fraternising with a good friend of mine.

Though the news of the sudden and… Continue

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Nigerian Job Seekers And The Monstrous 'Working Experience' Saga

What appears to be working elsewhere in the world has become a thorn in the flesh of Nigerian job seekers. The pains and sufferings accompanying ones resolve to acquire a university, polytechnic or any other related degree, after four to six years of sleepless nights with endured patience seems to be the beginning of ones woes and troubles.

In a quest to settle down, live comfortably and enjoy ones who-knows-how-long life on earth,many found themselves in our citadels of higher… Continue

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Notorious York - The Uncommon Zone In Aba

Residents of Aba,the Enyimba city,together with regular visitors to Aba are likely to be very aware of the notorious 'York Street' popular known as 'York,'located in the heart of Aba Main Park.

Aba is a very populous commercial city in Abia State.It is the native land of the famous Ngwa people,who form a large percentage of the inhabitants.Despite being heavily occupied by Ngwa people,it also houses people of different tribes.People from Igbo-speaking states(Anambra,Imo,Enugu and…


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The 'Ember' Months - A Better Time To Die

We just arrived December, the last month of the year. The months of September, October, November and December popularly known as the 'ember' months have been regarded by many, as a period of the year that comes with mixed feelings, when the good, the bad and the ugly take place. There is usually a great feeling of fear, carefulness and apprehension, as they approach. In this part of the world, it has gained a certain level of notoriety for these, there is also an evident conceptual framework… Continue

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Combating Crime In Nigeria

Crime has become cultural in our civilised world. Breaking-News that used to announce serious and special events to the public has become more common than the ordinary ones, announcing crime instead.It used to be unexpected, few and fiendish, but nowadays, it is commoner than our rampant fashion. There is an unhealthy and serious competition on who is a better criminal in the society. A great percentage of men and women see nothing wrong with doing those things that are socially strange,… Continue

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