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How to Write a Successful Business Pitch

A business pitch can make or break your company. For that reason you want to make absolutely certain that you’ve got it down as much as possible. That can be quite intimidating – particularly if you’ve never done that kind of thing before.

Here’s the good news: Pitching isn’t some kind of weird art form that you can only grasp after you’ve been doing it a…


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When’s the right time to re-brand your business?

If you think that your brand is your logo and your color choices, then you’re doing your brand a great disservice. The brand is much more than that. It is your direction, it is your online tone, and it is your latest marketing campaign.

This has become particularly true since the rise of online services. After all, in days past when you bought a product… Continue

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Choosing the Best Working SEO Strategy for 2017

Using SEO strategies is an important part of your marketing campaign but how do you choose those SEO strategies? Sometimes it feels like you are placing them on the wall and throwing darts at them to choose.

There seem to be so many strategies and new twists on old strategies, it really is hard to keep up; especially with all the changes to the algorithms… Continue

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7 Best Tips and Ideas to Promote Your Blog Offline

While online marketing is the most obvious way to promote your blog, there are a number of great traditional methods that can also be used to grow your site. Here are 7 tips on how to promote your blog offline.

1. Go to the Press

When it comes to professional blogging, you hear a ton about guest…


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