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GENEROSITY By: Osumah Ailende

On a bright sunny Monday morning, Anna had to rush out of home to her work place and thus had no choice but to stuff a box of biscuits in her bag. Getting on the bus, Anne took the only vacant seat beside Collins, a

little boy travelling to the park. She dropped her bag at her right side and

rested her back.…


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A Better Year 2010!

Life is a learning process for all no matter the age. My tutor always says that we keep learning till we die. We all have had different experiences years back, and most recently this year - 2009. Let's not allow all these waste. My experiences in life has taught me that the most little things we come accross usually have the greatest capacity when viewed in terms of results, and we tend to overlook them. To develop and better ourselves we must make positive use of what we learn and experience… Continue

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Understanding the Spirit and Importance of Christmas

Christmas as a period when we Christians commemorate the coming of Jesus Christ is meant to be a very important Spiritual exercise. The 25th of December is set aside to celebrate His birth.These days, the social celebrations overshadow the actual significance. If I call a child today and ask what he or she understands about christmas, I am 80% certain that the response I will get would not be far from: "Christmas is the time when we visit our loved ones, visit the parks, eat and have fun". All… Continue

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