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Gaddafi Death, African Leaders Mute, West celebrates.

From the time a snake lay egg it is obvious it is going to hatch a long baby, from the day Nigeria and South Africa voted ye with the west to impose a no fly zone over Libya in pretex of protecting civilians i say nto myself "here come another IRAQ". The west, masters of divide and conquer has successfully once again achieve their long time objective of killing Gaddafi. For those who has not been to LIbya, it is so easy to buy to the western propaganda and hypocritsy about imporishment…


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It is time Nigerian stand up and say enough is enough we cann't take this anymore. It is time Nigerians put better future before fear, for fear is  hope killer, fear is enemy of success, fear is the mother of procastination, fear is the disease the cripples a weak mind, and fear is Mr. coward that settle for little or nothing when it supposed to take the bull by the horn. The callous attitude of Nigerian leaders  call for question for their love for the country and their fellow citizen. If…


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