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The Fall of Gaddafi, Blow to Sub Sahara African Youths.

Yes he is a dictator, yes he must go after 42 years, yes he has done many evil things but there is no gain saying that Libya under Gaddafi has been a melting pot and economic gateway for subsahara African youths. As all fingers are not equal, many poor Subsahara african youths who cannot afford the rogorous efforts to get visa or money for ticket has make their lives marks and living hustling in Libya. As am writing, there is  hundreds of sub sahara african youths in the desert making their way… Continue

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The Ambguity of Western Mission In Libya.

Since snake lay egg we know that it is going to hatch a long baby, whether it is Africom, Nato or UN, it makes no different,  the west cannot hide from their sins, they cannot fool anyone by juggling who lead the way to downtown Tripoli. the america want the world to believe that they have no interest in Libya, the British and the French is playing their little relevancy propaganda but their motives is static as pond water, oil and natural gas. While the Arab League fidgeting like a new…


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"Freedom of Choice", The Nucleus of True Democracy.

Democracy without freedom of choice is like a man without brain, the brain is like a building, it houses all the mechanism that allows the body to function, if the building is destroy or damage all it house is either destroy or damage Destroy democracy leads to autocrthic rule and damage democracy leads to backdoor democracy. For democracy to function in its principle the building that house its nucleus must be protected and respected, and that building is "freedom of choice" the bujilding that… Continue

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Nigeria, the Giant turn Midget.

Projected to be the giant of Africa, the lighting rod in which the sun of economic development, political stability, and social justice will shine on africa, the exampling nation that will stand as litmus test all african nations will emulate,. Nigeria like ordain prince waiting for kingship coronation, so close yet too far away as naked greed strikes. It was not how then, but when to take her stand in the community of wealthy nations, today the projected giant has metamorphosed to gown midget… Continue

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