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Why black race remain in bondage

There is no doubt that black race is the originaL INHABITANTS of the earth and their creator is the only Supreme most powerful GOD who place them in the most beautiful, rich, and productive land in the center of the earth call Africa. we can also infer that black race was the most powerful race before the emergency of other races considering the position of black homeland of no oscilation condition compared to other occupancy of the earth.  So what has gone wrong with black race to have…


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Lack of guts, unfounded fear, timidity, and  blind loyalty is the major problems that continue to rob Nigerians their freedom, equal opportunity, justice and sustainable good livings. According Fela, Nigerians are afraid of what they see and what they do not see. THey see the leadership like God ordained instead of mare representative. they fear, obey, and worship the leadership like God and gods. Nigerians lack of guts to consistently demand for their rigths and stubornly refuse to yield to…


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Gaddafi Death, African Leaders Mute, West celebrates.

From the time a snake lay egg it is obvious it is going to hatch a long baby, from the day Nigeria and South Africa voted ye with the west to impose a no fly zone over Libya in pretex of protecting civilians i say nto myself "here come another IRAQ". The west, masters of divide and conquer has successfully once again achieve their long time objective of killing Gaddafi. For those who has not been to LIbya, it is so easy to buy to the western propaganda and hypocritsy about imporishment…


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It is time Nigerian stand up and say enough is enough we cann't take this anymore. It is time Nigerians put better future before fear, for fear is  hope killer, fear is enemy of success, fear is the mother of procastination, fear is the disease the cripples a weak mind, and fear is Mr. coward that settle for little or nothing when it supposed to take the bull by the horn. The callous attitude of Nigerian leaders  call for question for their love for the country and their fellow citizen. If…


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Life; what the purpose.

What are the purposes of human presence on earth, and what credit does life present to human?. walking the streets everyday, i can't stop asking myself question as i watch and observes how bussy human engage themselves just to maintain life. What is the purpose of God in creates human. As far as am concern, i do not see the purpose. The bible say to whorship Him, worship Him in what way, i just don't see the purpose of life or God's accomplishment in human creation if you believe in creation.… Continue

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It will be easier for a camel to pass through the h*** of a needle than for Nigeria as nation to progress.  Apart from the corrupt recycle leadership, the mentality exibits by majority of Nigerians make it not only difficult for Nigeria to progress as anation but also incacerates the few progressive ldeas necessary to push and affects changes. Like someone tell me, "corruption is no news to NIgerian's ear" so, has Nigerians endorsed corruption as national pastime, probably yes as majority of…


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Western culture at best, with world becoming a global village cultural diversity is burning across the globe like a wide fire. In western capitals the word Lesbian has become  synonymouse with most old and almost young women with other cultures doing the copy cat or assimilating especially blacks. What amazes me is that these chobby women with men hair cuts, big bottom, oversize pants tries to brag themselves like men. They walk like a bullies trying to impress, they double talk trying to show… Continue

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Corrupthion is not just a epidemic disease in Nigeria, it has become an lifestyle and culture of those trusted with the care of the nation. If those trusted with the nathion has become poison to the nation it means it is time to incinerate affected  officials and bring in new ones. in a country of 150 millions, the life of one crimial is nothing to write about. We all know what happens when crops or chicken, cow or pigs are infested by Ecoli or any disease,  the crop or the animals are destroy… Continue

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Charity they say begins at home so let me begin by asking  where are the Nigerian northern youths As a Nigeria i have lived in the west, East, South and North, in the south integration and interaction is visible in every working places and street corners, youths out in full force to hustle trying to make little out of nothing. I n commercial city like lagos, ibos, yorubas, edos, Deltans, and other minority ethnic youths flood the mega city trying to create living, the only youths you will not… Continue

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Does Nigeria have to remain united, is it neccessary to be one Nigeria, the answer is no, one Nigeria is a bad slogan, a marriage incoviniency where one side is putting 100% and the other side is putting 0%. One side is working hard to see the country succeed, and the other side is working hard to see the country engulf in anarchy, unrrest, chaos and killings. the almagamation of southern and northern Nigeria in 1912 by the British colonial master has proving to be disaster, it proves that… Continue

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The southerners especially the IGBOS  who were old enough to experience the civil war first hand can attest the horror of NAZI camp like treatment of the southerners by the northerners during the event leading to the civil war and during the civil war, those who were able to escape  alive lives to tell the story, southerners were massacered and butchered mercilessly, some people will say now, it was because of war, or leave old wounds, it is fine, the problem is that ever since then…


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The Fall of Gaddafi, Blow to Sub Sahara African Youths.

Yes he is a dictator, yes he must go after 42 years, yes he has done many evil things but there is no gain saying that Libya under Gaddafi has been a melting pot and economic gateway for subsahara African youths. As all fingers are not equal, many poor Subsahara african youths who cannot afford the rogorous efforts to get visa or money for ticket has make their lives marks and living hustling in Libya. As am writing, there is  hundreds of sub sahara african youths in the desert making their way… Continue

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The Ambguity of Western Mission In Libya.

Since snake lay egg we know that it is going to hatch a long baby, whether it is Africom, Nato or UN, it makes no different,  the west cannot hide from their sins, they cannot fool anyone by juggling who lead the way to downtown Tripoli. the america want the world to believe that they have no interest in Libya, the British and the French is playing their little relevancy propaganda but their motives is static as pond water, oil and natural gas. While the Arab League fidgeting like a new…


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"Freedom of Choice", The Nucleus of True Democracy.

Democracy without freedom of choice is like a man without brain, the brain is like a building, it houses all the mechanism that allows the body to function, if the building is destroy or damage all it house is either destroy or damage Destroy democracy leads to autocrthic rule and damage democracy leads to backdoor democracy. For democracy to function in its principle the building that house its nucleus must be protected and respected, and that building is "freedom of choice" the bujilding that… Continue

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Nigeria, the Giant turn Midget.

Projected to be the giant of Africa, the lighting rod in which the sun of economic development, political stability, and social justice will shine on africa, the exampling nation that will stand as litmus test all african nations will emulate,. Nigeria like ordain prince waiting for kingship coronation, so close yet too far away as naked greed strikes. It was not how then, but when to take her stand in the community of wealthy nations, today the projected giant has metamorphosed to gown midget… Continue

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