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Clean up contaminated flooring tips

For cleaning up polluted by composite wood flooring, we provide two tips for you:

With candles. The rest of the candle burning accumulates, when the collection to a certain amount, the minced remove the wick, saying the amount added in the same amount of turpentine wax, placed in cold water pot containing boiling watertight, candles melt, stir into the pot cool reserve. To make it easy to clean the floor and effort, before using floor wax can be a little hot.



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a rare green resources

Forest resources is a rare green resources, is solidarity with people living renewable resources, renewable periodically WPC Floor Price Affordable determine its value is difficult to replace. In order to protect forest resources in recent years, countries around the world limit cutting, forest logging ban, based on environmental considerations, many countries have begun to take advantage of the wood "residue", "small fuelwood" and…


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