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7 Types of CCTV and Which Type Should You Get ?

CCTV is an acronym for closed-circuit television, it’s the use of specialized video cameras to send out high definition moving pictures to a set of monitors for security purposes. Many organizations such as banks, hotels, casino, airports and even homes use CCTV as a means of improving the level of…


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How to Secure Your Office Environment With a Checklist

We spend most of our time at the office which makes it technically a second home, even at home we are faced with some security challenges not to talk about the office where transactions and business is conducted. Every organization needs a policy to keep its employees and assets safe, this can be achieved by constant security checks and implementing various security measures which can prevent an attack from intending perpetrators. Some of the security issues in the workplace…


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What is Physical Access Control and Which Types Do You Need?

Starting from the basics, access control is anyprocess that effectively manages the access to a physical or logical resourceof an organization.

Physical Access deals with the physical aspects ofaccess control in which certain persons are either allowed to enter or leave apremise with the adequate permission of an administrator or supervisor.Physical Access Control curbs illegal entry which could later lead to theft ordamage to life or properties. We have several means of implementing…


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Some Applications on Google Play Store Contain Malware’s

Malware’s can be really annoying as they prevent you from performing meaningful tasks on your smartphones, they also make devices lag and they consume battery power. Most ad wares are click baits while some are data mining tools which Google frowns upon.

Just last week the search engine giant Google deleted about 86…


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