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Okay, I must admit it. I couldn’t come up with a better catchy title…. I just had to come up with something different from the “definition” we all know. So I finally

got a call from EFCC. FINALLY. It was on October 8,

2010 at 10:10am. “I’m I on to Mr Olaseun Akisanmi?” the voice queried.

“No, you’re on to Oluwaseun Akisanmi,” I replied. “Anyway, this is Mr. CEE calling from EFCC. We…


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Zenith Bank & my Scotland Aftermath

“Am I on to Mr. Oluwaseun Akisanmi ….the one that was recently “Stranded in Scotland”” the voice prodded. “Speaking,” I replied. It was 1:39pm on September 15, 2010. The voice on the other end of the

phone was that of one I would call PROFESSOR DEE A. He

was the man Zenith Bank PLC headquarters had

designated the task of handling my Scotland dilemma. The call would

later go on to last for about 19 minutes. “I read your…


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The Day I Was Stranded in Scotland

It all started when a call came in to my wife's phone on Sunday evening (September 5, 2010) around 10pm. It was from a friend of mine, Ayo, asking about my whereabouts. Apparently, he was chatting with someone who referred to himself as Seun Akisanmi. This "Seun Akisanmi" had logged into my yahoo email acount ([email protected]) and sent the following message to the 300+ email contacts in the account. The message read

"Hope you get this on time: Sorry I didn't inform… Continue

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