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ABC Of Recalling A Law-Maker In Nigeria

It appears Nigeria is the world’s seat of corruption, especially official corruption. The executive is corrupt and so also is the legislature. In fact, the judiciary is not spared of this national malaise. Officials of each arm of government collect so much either as salaries or allowances and ordinary people are impoverished. Nevertheless, the jumbo pay has not been able to eradicate other illegitimate means by which they make more money. Nothing appears to be working…


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Learning The Law In Nigeria









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‘The main purpose of this book is to make it easy for a non-lawyer to write his own will. This is a laudable purpose. This is a unique book written in a painstaking manner. The style is hard to beat. It is easy to read. It is a must for all libraries. Please go ahead and get your own copy.’

Justice A.A. Kolajo

‘The book is well…


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WHY I WROTE THE BOOK TITLED ``HOW TO WRITE YOUR WILL WITH EASE: Answers to 146 Frequently and Infrequently Asked Questions About A Will``

I decided to write the above mentioned book for the following 2 reasons:

  1.  I observed that a vast majority of Nigerians don’t write wills. This is due to many reasons but in my view, one major reason is that there is a general lack of information about wills in this country. How will people write their wills when they lack certain information about what it takes to write a will?…


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Why I Started "Law For Non-Lawyers Series"

My decision to start “Law For Non-Lawyers Series” was influenced mainly by two reasons:

1. I noticed through my interaction with non-lawyers and my experience as a legal practitioner that many non-lawyers are unaware of basic legal principles and they are suffering from the consequences of their ignorance. Although it may be argued that lawyers are trained to assist non-lawyers. I, however, believe that providing the…


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Sama Honey For Sickle Cell Patients

I came across Sama Honey through a magazine called African Sickle Cell News & World Report:http// of the July-September 2012 Edition. The edition carried the story of Dr. Femi Adedoye, the medical director of the Liberty Health Services Ltd., Suleja, Niger State who himself is a sickler and has been using the honey for some years now.

Hear the doctor,…


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When You Need Your Lawyer Most

Someone once said there are 5 persons everybody needs in his life. These 5 persons are a lawyer, a doctor, a pastor or an imam, a financial adviser and a mentor.

Whether you agree that you need these people or not, I’m sure you must consult a lawyer under the following circumstances, unless you’re ready to take a deadly risk.…


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Where Lies Nigeria’s Opportunity for Growth and Development: Civilian or Military Government?

People say ‘’the worst civilian rule is better than the best military government”. But if this saying is an axiomatic statement that it appears to be, how come Nigeria’s case is different?

        Nigeria does not appear to have fared outstandingly better under any of these systems of government in terms of growth and development. So the question is: what is wrong with Nigeria?…


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6 Things That Every Nigerian Must Know About The Nigerian Law, Part 2

Before you proceed to read this post I advise you first read the Part 1 of this title, 6 Things That Every Nigerian Must Know About The Nigerian Law. This is the concluding part of the earlier one.

4. Court System: in Nigeria, there is a well-established hierarchy of courts. There are 2 categories of court: i, Superior Courts and ii, Inferior Courts.

i. Superior Courts: courts in this category are the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, State High Court, Federal High Court,… Continue

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6 Things That Every Nigerian Must Know About The Nigerian Law

Many Nigerians never think it is important for them to know certain things about their country’s law until an event compels them to do so. Can you imagine that some people are in prison out of ignorance?

            I paid a visit to one of the prisons about 4 years ago and what I heard from some of the prison inmates startled me. At least 10 of the prisoners said it was the police (i.e. police prosecutor) that told…


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3 Things To Do Immediately After Your Wedding

   Some things change automatically while some others change gradually when people get married. For instance, friends & family members of the two parties in a marriage re-adjust their relationship in order to give the newly-married more time for themselves. A woman's title also changes with immediate effect. She is no longer "Miss" but now "Mrs".

   But there are 3 important things…


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Should Degree & HND Be Made Equal?

          Do you know that the entry level for an HND holder into the Civil Service is Grade Level 7 while a university graduate is taking on GL.8?

          Do you also know that there are companies that don’t employ HND holders? They often insist on degree.

          Do you know that the peak for an HND holder in the Civil Service is GL. 14 while his varsity counterpart  can rise up to GL. 16?

          What I have listed above are just few of the disparities between a…


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Household Finances: Whose Duty?

In a family, who should bear household expenses? Husband or wife? These questions were the subject of debate at a forum I found myself recently. I was able to listen to the two sides that the ''debaters'' were torn into,though unable to make my contribution.

The two sides are: some said the spouse should equally share the cost of running a home, while the other side maintained that the woman should only play a supporting role. The man should bear the bulk of the…


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