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Of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriages
By Abdallah El-Kurebe

Recently there has been renewed debate on the question of allowing same-sex marriages. The discussion has centred on various aspects including civil rights, genetic pre-disposition and religious perceptions. In this article, the issue is addressed primarily from a religious standpoint, i.e. whether same-sex marriages are acceptable in God’s eyes. Relevant to same-sex marriages…

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Terrorism Has No Religion

By Abdallah el-Kurebe

Holy war, suicide bombings, fighting for reasons of faith, and killing in the name of God - from Crusaders to terrorists, from sacred shrines to New York City, history is tainted by a grave disease afflicting humankind. While all the known religions of the world call for love, peace, tolerance, freedom of belief and mutual understanding, many of the terrorists’ acts are committed in this world by people who see themselves as… Continue

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