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Nigeria at 51

At 51 it seems we have not started.  The future looks gloomy.  There is a state of hopeless stirring us in the face.  Where do we go from here is the question on the lips of everyone.  But in our state of hopelessness, I want us to see hope.  Hope for us and for our children.  We should not regret being Nigerians, rather we should all join hands to build a better Nigeria.   Ours is a country richly blessed by the Almighty but over the years, our God given resources have gone down the… Continue

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Last night our Super Eagles took their pound of flesh from the Argentines by beating them 4-1 in a friendly match played at the Abuja National Stadium.  It was victory well deserved going by the football history of the two countries.  I know one would tell me that what played was not Argentina national team, but it does not matter.  All I know is that eleven players of Argentina origin wearing their national colours featured in that game and they lost to the Super Eagles.  Kudos one more time… Continue

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Members of the Imo State House of Assembly have impeached their speaker and his deputy and elected new ones to take charge. The question is, why did it take them so long to realise that the speaker and his deputy were high handed as they alleged. Is it not one impeachment too late?

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I have reasons to believe that the Northern elite, espcially the traditional rulers (Emirs) are tacitly behind all the religious and secterian violence in the North.  They have not done much to stop their subjects from killing Christians and burning their churches.  They rather see is as victory of Islam  over Christianity.  That is why I do not take their condenmination of every ritious act seriously.  They should be held responsible for failing in their  duty to  stop violence at the…


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Following the unsavoury aftermath of the presidential election, which arose principally from the violent protests from the supporters of General Buhari and his CPC party, he should apologize to Nigerians for not calling his supporters to order as they rioted, destroyed properties and killed innocent citizens especially corp members.  One expected that Gen. Buhari should have gone on air or used any other means to appeal to his supporters for calm, but he did none of this.  Instead he is warming… Continue

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