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President Goodluck Jonathan, a panacea for 21st century political-economic development in Nigeria.

PRESIDENT%20GOODLUCK%20JONATHAN%202013.docDear Editor,

Please find attached my recent discourse for your kind consideration and publication.PRESIDENT%20GOODLUCK%20JONATHAN%202013.doc

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Benjamin Ogbebulu, BA [HONS]BICs,…


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A vote for Dr Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo is a vote for political-economic-social transformation of Nigeria.


Fellow Nigerians,  we should thank God almighty for his mercy over Nigeria, more particularly for a united Nigeria. Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora  would quite agree with this writer that the pre-1999 before we had our elections 12 years ago was perceived by Nigerians and the international community to be a debtor and pariah nation. This period  witnessed militocratic governments, corruption became endemic and fear was the other of the day. Human rights, the media and…


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Food security : The need for a comprehensive 21st century Agricultural Policy For Nigeria

The global economic downturn has necessitated the urgent needs for both the developed and developing worlds to re-think,re-adjust, act swiftly and decisively to alleviate the economic suffering brought about by the ongoing recession due to greed on the part of the developed and lack of sound economic policies on the part of the developing countries. The Nigerian economy is in the dire need of transformation and The present Acting President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan should now ensure that the…


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The need for a radical progressive Governance in Nigeria

Governance is the art of steering societies and organizations . It involves the interactions among structures, processes and traditions that determines how power is exercised, how decisions are taken, and how citizens or other stakeholders have their say . Fundamentally, it is about power,relationships and accountability. Who has influence,who decide, and how decisions-makers are accountable . The concept may be usefully be applied in different context-Global,national and…


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