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Ways to ace your career growth

A career doesn’t mean doing a job just for the sake of living and getting paid. Rather it means making a living for yourself, while pursuing your passion. It concerns putting your skills and talent into a distinct segment for yourself that inspires you. It concerns finding a dream for yourself that grows you.

This article will take you through the ‘must-do’s so as to take your career into the correct path.

  • Maintain a hunger for…

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Aims and objectives of physical education

Are you also someone who hates the physical education period that haunts your daily routine at your school or college? Do you also fee so irritated by the fact of being forced to perform those exercises? Well, my friend, all that facade has a reason behind that. Let us find that out.

Physical Education is the knowledge of being aware of your own body. This awareness actually forms the basis of a lot of data of your own body which further helps to examine numerous activities that…


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Pseudo work does not equal work

Pseudo working is something that we all have been doing since forever. It's the act of pretending to do work without putting considerable amount of efforts and concentration into the act. It is something that tends to be quite natural and none of us can deny doing that.

Being human beings, it is not always necessary to perform each task with utmost level of concentration. There is humongous amount of biases that engulfs a human brain. Be it our mood, our level of motivation or even…


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