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The concepts of cone volume and cubic feet in mathematics


Suppose you want to know how many beans will fit inside a cylindrical jar, or how many pencils will fit inside the box it means that you need to know the volume. In simple words, if one wants to know the amount of space something will take up, he/she just measure the volume of a three-dimensional object. 

Volume is the basic characteristic of all three-dimensional objects. When talking…


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What is percentage yield and its types, how can we calculate it?


In Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, we often study the processes in which a certain amount of chemical reactants, under specified reaction conditions are converted into products. 

The products are categorized as desired and underside products…


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Apprentissage de la demi-vie pour un chimiste

Qu'est-ce que Half Life?

Les nombreux processus de synthèse et d'anti-synthèse construisent le paradigme de notre univers. Ce plan des phénomènes naturels a également des attributs d'organismes vivants tels que l'appariement, les relations binaires, la croissance et finalement la décomposition. Pour la raison même, l'ancien naturaliste appelait également les substances biologiques un artefact ou des organismes vivants ressemblant à des…


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How can online calculators be more helpful to math students?

Not to say that students including math and physics guys don’t already use the internet to get help in their studies but we are talking about some key specifics here. These could be helpful for those students who are unaware of them and not reaping the benefits. 

We are discussing key mathematical concepts here that are frequently used by math and physics students to solve mathematical problems. However, the manual…


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Some useful information regarding Integrations and Derivatives


The changing rate of a function is known as a derivative.

These functions act to the real numbers.


The alternative term of derivation is integration. The process of finding integrals…


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How to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign?

Hello! Digital Marketers, we hope that you’re doing well. We have designated this article to aid all of the freshers who don’t know much about tricks and hacks of digital marketing. 

To know about the cost-effectiveness of your digital marketing (PPC) campaign, all you need to do is to calculate either the CPM or CPC. Whereas CPM means cost per mile (1000 ad views), and CPC means cost per…


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