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Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria - Why I Am Not Disappointed

The most authentic book ever written, the bible, advices "Do not put your trust on thy noble", and like many other advices it gives, if you aid it, you will be able to avoid a lot of pain affecting others and be well prepared for the ones you can't avoid.

Ever since I can remember, I have conditioned myself not to expect anything from anyone, so that when they act below expectation, I don't feel disappointed. Expect nothing from anyone and you will never be disappointed.



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Oh, Another Year is Gone... What happens to my Dreams?

GT Guitarman once sang:

"When am I going to be what I want to be, when am I going to see what I want to see, time is ticking and I can’t wait no more, do dreams ever come true in this part of the world?"

Can you relate? Do you wonder if dreams still come true in this part of the world?

It's okay if you do. The country we find ourselves doesn't exactly give us much hope.

Nigeria has failed its citizens. The economy is getting worse by the…


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