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Black and White Racial Equality between Illusion and Reality


In as much as I firmly believe that, God has created human beings with equal rights, obligations and potentials, I can’t help wondering why the black race in general comparatively lags behind in virtually all worthwhile human endeavors? Actually from what I have often observed, if not for some clear Divine pronouncements, which confirm that equality, I would have concluded that, the black race is simply naturally disadvantaged compared to the white…

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Towards Mass-Oriented Reform in Nigeria

The issue of leadership-inflicted hardship on Nigerians over the decades has been obviously exhausted enough, that it is now rather boring unless of course when considered within the framework of a genuine effort to tackle it, which is unfortunately unlikely at least for now. Realistically speaking, the worsening hopelessness among average Nigerians is quite understandable, in view of the absence of any reliable prospect of reform at the moment.…

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Looming Class Struggle in Nigeria

One of the most obvious implications of bad governance is gradual but steady polarization of the society into two main classes; one miserably poor and the other massively rich. Though this scenario is not limited only to Nigeria, but what perhaps makes her case particularly worse is the growing amount of resentment and hatred that the overwhelming majority poor feel towards the microscopic minority rich in the society, who on the other hand distrust and look down at the poor as potential…


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Examining Kano’s Business Competitiveness in the Modern Age

I guess everybody is aware of Kano's centuries-old business legacy, hence it needs no further address except for historical purpose perhaps. The relevant issue nowadays is how does Kano really fit into its much touted slogan of “Center of Commerce”. As a son of the soil and like many others like me, I had believed that Kano was and would remain a business hub of international repute by providence, partly because as some legendry tales had it, some Waliyyai i.e revered saints… Continue

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To Be Fair to Corruption in Nigeria

I believe if corruption were a man (hereafter personified and referred to as “Mr. Corruption”) he would have lamented why he has been excessively castigated and unnecessarily made a scapegoat for Nigeria’s persistent leadership failure. Against this background I voluntarily chose to stand for “Mr. Corruption” to establish the actual extent of his culpability in ruining Nigeria, exonerate him from unfair castigation, and in the meantime identify the principal culprit.…


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Aftermath of Nigeria's (Possible) Break Up

Though the issue of Nigeria’s possible break up has been around for a long time, it is noticeable how it is increasingly attracting more attention within intelligent, academic and political circles in Nigeria and elsewhere alike. Over the decades Nigeria’s official stand has always been an outright dismissal of any report on its possible break up no matter how credible. In fact having survived much turbulence on several occasions including the secession attempt of the 60s, the general… Continue

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Almajirci in Islamic Perspective

It is obvious that the mere title of this write-up may raise readers' curiosity, because it is widely believed that, current typical Almajirci phenominon is part of Islamic culture. However my arguments would simply suggest the conflict between what Islam actually stands for with respect to seeking Qur'anic knowledge and what is obtained in typical Almajirci menace.

I deliberately use the term “typical” to qualify Almajirici to refer to the…

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Nigeria's Elusive Reform between Lamenting Masses and Ineffective Activists

Nigerians understandably lament their largely leadership-inflicted predicaments. Every Nigerian has endless tales to tale in this regard including the rich. Lamentation has virtually substituted chatting among Nigerians. Majalisa i.e joints, Mai Shayi or Suya spots, markets and even commuter buses etc are virtual platforms for Nigerians to share their lamentations over various problems ranging -for instance- from chronic poverty to the dismal performance of the Super… Continue

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Nigeria's Cyber Civil War and its Implication

The raging debate on Nigeria’s corporate sustainability is increasingly attracting more attention from various intelligent communities and analysts from within and outside Nigeria. After all I have always maintained that should the status-quo persist, a spontaneous unrest can’t be ruled out. However, most of our Southern Nigerian compatriots assume and wish that this leads to the country’s breaking up into two; North and South, assuming that their predicament…

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Nigeria 2020 between US Prediction and the Prospect of Dream Actualization

In 2005 The US National Intelligence Council predicted the “outright collapse of Nigeria” by the year 2020. However on its part, Nigeria launched an ambitious initiative designed to take the country into the list of the best 20 economies in the world by 2020. There is of course an unmistakable contradiction between America’s prediction and Nigeria’s dream. And it is pretty clear that reconciling these two predictions is as impossible as bringing the sun down. It…

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Are Nigerians Really Citizens of Mere Subjects?

One of the most significant changes brought about by civilization is substituting the old-aged concept of subjectory with the system of citizenship as the basis of citizens’ belongings to their respective countries. Citizenship could be defined as the right of belonging to a sovereign political entity, where citizens' rights are guaranteed and obligations defined in the context of the rule of law. Essentially, citizenship entails –among other things- absolute loyalty of the citizens to the… Continue

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Do Fair Elections Necessarily Guarantee Good Governence?

Fair elections are said to be the bedrock of good governance that guarantees peace, stability and prosperity. However there is much to wonder why many a times popularly elected governments through generally fair elections fail to make any difference in the lives of their citizens anyway? This is what I intend to address with a view to identifying the missing link between such popular and fair elections and commensurate development in many countries and entities around the world. Interestingly… Continue

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Explaining the Irony of Nigerians' Religiosity and their Corruption Notoriety

Perhaps the much publicized finding that Nigeria is “the most religious country in the world” yet the most corrupt represents the trickiest paradox I have ever come across. After all I realize for sure that all religions irrespective of their ideological differences have more or less similar core values. For instance no religion tolerates corruption let alone promotes it. It is therefore very ironic for a country considered the most religious in Islam and…

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