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By definition and meaning, research is an inquiry. when one is set to undertake research work, it implies that the person is set to inquire, investigate or find out answers. if this is the case, then research questions are the drivers of research.

Research questions direct the focus of the researcher. Research questions guide the expectation of the research audience and therefore the researcher ought to be intentional about research questions.

In this write-up, we will consider…


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6 Unconventional Steps for Choosing the Right Project Topic

Project writing is one of the most anticipated tasks in the life of an undergraduate. From the point of admission into the university to the progression of the student through the different academic levels, everything in-between is bent on preparing the student for the final project writing. Often times, because of these anticipations, an actual phobia is developed in the minds of the student towards the project. It shouldn’t be so. It’s supposed to be a fun-filled and enjoyable process that…


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Three Secrets to Academic Research Success

The unnerving task of coming up with research topics for your academic research can be not too good a thing.

Sometimes you have no option than to browse through thousands of topics on the internet for a topic idea. 

This can get sad as you browse through different web pages. Your discoveries show that a lot of people have written on your preferred topics. Now, this is also…


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