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Church-owned vasities not for the poor, as members cry out

I have no illusion about the virtues of the oppressed but only the need to relief the oppression.A situation where the children of church members are denied access (and even rejected by the last bastion of hope solely because of their parents economic status) to enjoy the fruits of their parents labour (albiet; paying tithes and working free in God's vineyard) is akin to a well orchestrated armed robbery operation in disguise.Too Bad playing the Devil's advocate!

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A Thief In Govt House

Ibori's legal prosecution in London court  is an indictment on Nigerian  judiciary& her institutions. How 170 count charges was dismissed in less than 2hours (or circa) in Nigerian court was an absurdity beyond comprehension.A monumental threat to societal progress and moral code of conduct.

But today where is the Judge that dispensed  such a warped & cruel judgement?Where is our sense of accountability as a policy of deterrence?hmmmmmm....Nigeria Nigeria…


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Boko Haram Menace...

There is nothing faceless or mysterious about Boko Haram because  organized crime in any society cannot thrive and blossom without the  knowledge,support,finance,prodding of the elite and community.

This cancerous menace is a well rehearsed and orchestrated script   by some greedy & blood thirsty elite from the "Axis of Evil" to gain greater access to the Nation's treasury.  

But when the chips are finally down,those who create horror for whatever motives will…


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Ojukwu:The Rebel?

Dim Chukwu Emeka Ojukwu stood & fought for equity,Justice and fairness for a better society where no one is left behind.Born with silver spoon,well groomed,educated and far ahead of his peers,he saw the looming scourge and danger of barbaric,corrupt,uncivilized,illetrate,feudal & blood thirsty elite controlling the levers of power and he challenged the manipulative and unjust system,thus Making him an embodiment of morality...A rare gem in his time and even now!

But the tragedy…


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MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: Boko Haram invades Islamic schools – FG

It's a tragedy from inferno of hell when children are groom &  train to hate with killer instincts and a nation cannot progress in any sphere of human endevour when the citedal of human capital development is a cesspit of criminality for irrational religious ideology.

Now i can understand far better when Engr.Faruk AbdulMuttalab (U.S-

underwear bomber ) said the Mujadeen are ready to kill in the name of Allah...It is serious and eternal threat to…


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In a free market economy,patronage is central to sustainability and survival of any business enterprise.If Islamic or non interest,shango,ogun or orisa  banking will boost our economy without compromising our national security so be it.The quality of service and products should be the only parameters to judge,reject or accept any enterprise.

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Senators, Reps back amnesty for Boko Haram | Vanguard News

If we misapplied the concept of amnesty,then we should be ready for criminal groups springing up from all the 36 states of the federation committing crimes with impunities and getting away with it via amnesty.
I'm terribly worried because our govt tolerance for defiant and criminal behaviour is very high and unacceptable.This is a very dangerous precedence!

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