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History has shown that corruption begins with the monarchy and clerics who are the custodians of values and morals. The rest of the society only follows as it is guided by the actions and/or inaction of these two groups.

History has also shown that when corruption reaches its peak, a revolt is inevitable, given birth to a new empire/republic that eventually will repeat history till the end of time.

Today we are a witness to many social ills and decay that one is forced to ask, will… Continue

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Still on the November 5th Declaration of Independence:

a message from the Biafra Zionist Movement to the Ohaneze

“They should drop this talk about the 2015 presidency and concentrate on how to reclaim our brothers and sisters in Rivers, Delta and Kogi states. This is important now because these people that were enticed into believing that they are not Igbos will not forgive us in future when the chips are down.”

The organization has earmarked November 5 for… Continue

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“Anytime an intellectual has the opportunity to speak against injustice if he decides to keep quiet, he is contributing to the intellectual paralysis and social barrenness of that society”….Harold Laski (British Political Scientist)  

Nigeria’s democracy is orphaned at birth leaving it bereft of its enlightened guidance, those who fought assiduously for the entrenchment of this Nation thought they were doing us good,unknown to them that Nigeria is the worst thing that ever happened… Continue

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Obafemi Awolow De great

Speech By Chief Obafemi Awolowo To Western Leaders Of Thought, In Ibadan, 1 May 1967

Speech by Chief Obafemi Awolowo made to the Western leaders of thought, in Ibadan, 1 May 1967. (quoted in "Crisis and Conflict in Nigeria (Volume 1), January 1966-July 1971" by A. H. M. Kirk-Greene. )

The aim of a leader should be the welfare of the people whom he leads. I have used 'welfare' to denote the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the people. With this aim fixed… Continue

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*President Goodluck Jonathan does not care about the welfare of the Masses.

*Good Radiance to Bad Rubbish*

Three weeks after his company Conoil Plc was allegedly

implicated in the fuel subsidy scam, billionaire

businessman Mike Adenuga has been awarded

Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger

(GCON) by the Federal Government.

The Federal Government indicted Conoil Plc and 22

others in the fuel subsidy scandal and said that the

companies were being investigated for fraudulent

activities in the fuel subsidy regime.

The… Continue

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40 Billion naira for the printing of new N5000 notes:

Just last week the fmr Vice President of World Bank Oby Ezekweseli said the money looted by Nigerians from the Oil sector since 1960 is about 400Biliion US Dollars.

I am waiting for a government that will think beyond now and beyond themselves. Nigeria is a wasteful country. We think that the funds flowing today will flow forever. If a country like India can build one-foot iron and cement-based… Continue

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