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A rocket racing car and football

European and American games are car shots. But this is not exactly the fault of the players, because for a long period of time, contrary to language barriers, quite a few Chinese players can understand roughly what they can even see. It's just a shotgun ball. But this "Rocket League" ... If you have such prejudice before Rocket League Crates, then this work will obviously not make this kind of prejudice much less,…


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The team with the most points

The NHL season is divided into two parts. One is the regular season scheduled according to a schedule, and the four-game winning four-game playoffs in the elimination system. The team who won the playoffs in the final round wins Stanley. cup.

After the end of the regular season, the team with the most points in the division is the division champion. The best record in the league is awarded to "presidents' trophy." A total of eight single-team teams from each of the three division…


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This is a game changer

At the E3 annual expo held in Los Angeles on Wednesday, many PES 2017 news broke out. The new PES 2017 news includes new features, myClub, games and more. Let's break down the news that has been released.

It seems that Konami has already heard feedback from players and communities, and it is easier to buy specific players. You can now buy scouts with professional fields. If you buy enough professional scouts, then you have more chances to sign him. Konami actually mentions that scouts…


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The Kansas city chiefs

Seattle seahawks are the only team has twice called union team, west to join the league of nations in 1976, after a season, change the Tampa bay buccaneers from al west in the nl west end to war, and the seahawks to fight the al west, the restructuring is one of the NFL's expansion plans, to two teams compete in different cib. In 2002, the NFL to can let each partition has four teams, so the seahawks became the league of nations team again, return to the nl west, the plait also makes the al…


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Brady’s stolen jersey was finally found in Mexico

The National Football League (NFL) stated in a statement that the Patriots' star quarterback Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey was recovered by an international investigation organization.

The NFL said that they have collaborated with the FBI and "other law enforcement agencies" and have found another jersey missing from Brady last month in the 51st Super Bowl and the 49th Super Bowl in 2015 against the Seahawks. "The two clothes were found in an international media person," the…


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The referee is smarter than before

The IGN scored 9.5 points for “Professional Football 2017”, but only gave “FIFA 17” 8.4 points. It also stated that "FIFA 2017" has made progress in the newly added story mode, but there are still a lot of bugs in it. Although the new frost engine has improved the game, there is not much improvement for the previous generation of games Rocket League Keys.

In the same scenario, FIFA 17's rendering of the atmosphere…


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The special features of other Switch platforms

In an interview with Psyonix vice president and game producer, SwitchRocket League included all the features of other versions. Supports up to 8 switches on the local wireless network for on-line play, split-screen 4-player mode for the base mode, and split-screen double play on the handheld mode. At present, the development team hopes that the game can run at 60 FPS at the end, regardless of whether or not the split screen will guarantee the above goals. The special features of other Switch…


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What the title of the journal will bring us

Our home console is about half the time, and the 2017 video game is a series of new features, updated and pleasantly surprised. So, before we turn the page on this year and predict what the title of the journal will bring us in 2018, let's look at the results we achieved in 2017.

These awards were decided by the staff of all geographical indications, although there were many expected punters, but they showed all kinds of success and different experiences…


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The game is played from the first person

Ark: Survival Evolution is a survival sandbox action adventure game produced and distributed by Studio Wildcard, built using Unreal Engine 4 on August 29th, 2017 in Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. One platform release ARK Items . The game stage is set on a mysterious island "Ark" filled with dinosaurs. Players must use skill and wisdom to survive in a crisis-ridden…


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Hundreds of Rocket League fans

Hundreds of Rocket League fans from North America and around the world packed the MGM National Harbor in Washington DC on Friday, anticipating a day full of frenetic and competitive games. It's sure you have not been disappointed.

During the over six hours of play, there were upheavals, countless incredible goals and, of course, there was a small shadow cast. Ghost is the only NA team left in the bracket of the winner, NRG and Cloud9 and Mock-It are in the losing band, just as…


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The Rocket League tournament mode

According to the developer Psyonix, the "Rocket League" tournament mode, which lets players wait for a long time, will be officially launched in March or April this year. As part of the Steam public test, players will be able to experience the content of a single knock-out tournament for the first time in the next month.

In addition, the spring new map of "Rocket League" will be unveiled in March with the arrival of the new DLC, along with special spring events…


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Collect resources and build weapons

Recently, the official launch of a demo of the "ark: survival evolution" on the iPhone 8 shows that it will officially log on to the mobile platform, designed and developed by War Drum studio. The exact date of launch is uncertain.

The mobile version will be made with reference to the original. In the game world, players start from unarmed, collect resources, build weapons and clothes ARK Items,…


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Louis theme and Mario

In today's game show in cologne in Germany 2017, developed by Psyonix "rocket league " nintendo switch version released an exclusive content, including Louis theme and Mario and the special edition of the galactic patrol car.

Switch according to the developer edition of the "rocket handheld or host mode to be able to run at 60 FPS is fluent, the switch of edition of the rocket league Rocket League Crates will go…


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FIFA Online IV has a new appearance

With the introduction of strategic defense, players have more room to maneuver and execute defense. When the player focuses on the pap, the defense and the remote defensive work also increases the dependence of AI.

FIFA Online 4 defends AI's display more closely to realistic football, and once the defense is in neutral, the player's quick patch will enable players to respond more calmly to their opponents' breakthrough. At the same time, AI will continue to block the route of the…


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The lush green tropical forest

The nintendo game update, and the announcement of the new game in development.

Super Mario Odyssey will arrive on October 27

Though since since the beginning of the year, it has been recognized, but a new trailer, on the basis of the exploration of the super Mario Odyssey reveals players can look forward to the game: set up outside the mushroom kingdom, Mario to travel to a lot of places, including the lush green tropical forest, desert and palm trees, mountains, and, of…


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The Cavaliers can not affect the overall situation

Warriors filled the Kevin - Durant, which makes their starting strength doubled, and the Cavaliers this season's signings appear more in the lineup, which is really where we habitually ignore!

Cavaliers alternate candidates, although they can not affect the overall situation as the Big Three, but they may also play a decisive role!

Delong - Williams

Three All-Star, he used to eat sleep to play Paul's chubby…


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The first Chinese player to play at NHL

Song Andong's hockey career is a step by step came, he is now a breakthrough today is a huge pay and hard, "the child is smart, savvy, like to study, training is also very hard." With Song Andong coach Yao Naifeng, The original river and Fu Lei talked about Song An Dong almost have a similar interpretation, the original river also said, "to stand NHL stadium, for the Chinese ice hockey, Asian hockey is a great thing.

Among the four major North American alliances, for the distant…


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This is a risky move

If we do not have money to sell this rocket league game, why do not we let Sony provide us with the market because they are investing millions of dollars each year in the PlayStation Plus game marketing, they do it no matter what the game is, This is a risky move, considering that this will mean that Psyonix will deliver it at least one month after launch after spending a lot of money on the development of the rocket alliance.We are very worried that we will not make money in the game…


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Players use the ball to mark tiles

A new rocket league game mode, Dropshot, was added in a March 2017 update. It takes place on an arena without any goals and a field made of hexagonal tiles, and uses a ball that becomes electrified after successful strikes or passes Rocket League Trading. Players use the ball to mark tiles on the opposing's side of the field while the ball is electrified; marked tiles are then removed from the field when the electrified ball…


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NBA rookie of the year

May 17, 2017 draft pick draw ceremony came to an end, the final Celtics won the title pick, which is the team since 1966 for the first time won the champion signed, the Lakers and 76 people were to get second place and probe picks NBA Live Coins.

And in today's US media comment on the history of the NBA five top pick, but this list also attracted no small controversy, the list, Duncan was only ranked fifth, O'Neill came in…


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