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Tell it to yourself,that you have got the seeds of GREATNESS in you and you will soon happen.The seeds of greatness are those POSITIVE things embedded within you,those things you are passionate,purposed and visioned about.They could be your POTENTIALS,qualities,talents etc(outstanding ones) that sets you apart and makes you a sought after.You know yourself better. Remember,'what a man SOWS,is what he REAPS' and that is the more reason,these seeds(potentials) have to be carefully NURTURED for an… Continue

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[b][/b]YOUR FACE SAYS IT ALL. What our FACES read and depict is of utmost importance.Our faces?,YES.What determines how courageous,people would be to take a STEP towards us is to a large extent dependent on our faces.The ffg QUESTIONS will help- *What kind of face do I put on?. *One that is willing and READY to offer help as they come or one that scares people outrightly?. *Does the LOOK on our faces build courage and confidence in people with intent of seeking our help or does it read 'LOOK… Continue

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