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Whats love? Who should we love? How should one love? Why do people blame their tears, pains and joy on love, should an invisible emotion(love) have so much power on us all. Both rich and poor, strong and weak. All this are questions that you and i seek answers and solutions for. But the more solutions we think we have, double questions and problems seem to be generated. The question is must we always look for the unknown; solve for X and ask Y when Z is still unknown. Love is not a problem,… Continue

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Real Peace

The peace no one can give you, it comes to you, this kind of peace many have, but they dont know, this peace is what makes one choose to live despite the struggle and the huzzle, and lack of it makes some to prefer death than life. This peace comes to you, you dont choose this peace, this peace choose you. I dont know what you tink abt this peace. But i believe this peace is a free gift and also a reward from God, to those who believe in it, it stays with them forever its eternal just as love.… Continue

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I need you

This dreamz, this thoughts of you has gone beyond its limit. And i just dont know what to do, because am scared of you blowing me off for i cant imagine my thoughts, my dreamz; my world without you. Then i realise that you are priceless, that without you am restless you because you complete me. After all there is no caurage without fear, no victory without battle. And you are worth all the caurage, its a must win battle. For i cant lose you, losing you is losing me, I need u.

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