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President Zuma fathers 20th child. Applaud his sincerity or lambast his promiscuity?

President Zuma is a man of many parts. He wears his cultural identity on his sleeves. He excels in the fine art of keeping his constituency on his side always and can turn disastrous situations into winning campaigns.

There was a time in the recent past when many analysts were writing the obituary of his political life.
In 2005 he was embroiled in an alleged-rape case controversy. Mr. Zuma not only survived the rape case but came out stronger…

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To Achieve Is To Lose - The incredible story of Coach Amodu


Football is the most watched, most played and most talked about game in the world.

But my beloved country India, which houses 1/6th of the world population, is woefully ignorant about this beautiful game.

We are content being the No-1 cricketing nation (a newly acquired status in the longer version of the game called the “Tests”) in the world; a game played by not more than a dozen odd countries.

To me football was a game played… Continue

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