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Kwikmoney Loan: Get Instant Loan without Collateral or Bank verification in Nigeria - Questechie

KwikMoney, a partnership between banks and technology companies to make banking services convenient and accessible to all Nigerians, has made it absolutely easy for anyone to apply for loan without the need for paper works or collateral, with only the mobile phone number.

KwikMoney automated instant loan service gives loan of up to N500,000, with the tenor between 14-30 days and…


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Eyowo: Send, Receive Payments and Pay bills with just your mobile phone - Questechie

While digital money is still in its early days, especially in this part of the world, where over 90 million Nigerians are unbanked, with a substantial part of the population having no bank accounts to save money, and most of the population still rural-dwellers with little to no-income sources.

Eyowo is targeted at this demography and brides itself as the banker of the unbanked, the digital gateway enable those using a mobile phone to enjoy all banking services,…


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The Piggybank concept is pretty straightforward and simple; just deposit as little as $1 a day in your online account, which you can not touch until an agreed withdrawal date, except perhaps for an emergency, albeit you are required to pay a 5% early withdrawal fee.

Whilst the accumulated savings are entitled to around 6% interest per annum, you can always set an agreed withdrawal date, unless perhaps you are okay with 5% early withdrawal…


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