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What is the difference between computer engineering and computer science

Computer science and computer engineering are two project based fields of study that are interdisciplinary and interdependent. Perhaps people confuse their differences because of the relationship they share. But for avoidance of doubt they are two varying areas where students are taught to build two varying but interdependent features of a computer system. The research material for students in these two fields is a clear indication of the differences.

Let’s take them one after the…


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How to run a small business from home successfully

Running a small business actually seems very easy to grasp when imagined than in reality. The simplicity sways from the nature of business to the capital involvement and maybe your perceived consumers. But it turns out ‘not so easy’ when you actually start. Managing a business professionally either big or small requires atleast a degree in business management but the increasing number of entrepreneurs has made every sole proprietor a business manager automatically. If not, this…


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Trending economic issues that can guide your choice of economics final year project topics

Questions have been raised over the topical issues that are currently relevant for research in the economics related courses particularly at the undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. levels. These questions are really necessary and vital as far as research is concerned. The truth about research, especially as it affects economics final year project topics is that it has this feature of…


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Four research compromises worth making to speed up your final year project topic approval

Some compromises are worth making and indeed when it turns to the academic arena, researchers go extra miles to reach for the light they seek. A research journey often begins with the choice of a project topic to work on and then further procedure falls into place. However, in getting their final year project topics approved, students sometimes have to work really hard for it. 

There is no hard…


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Online freelancing versus Nigeria's perception

In Nigeria English we call it hand-work but oyibo calls it freelancing. It seems that's where the misconception started


Speculations have shown that the number of online freelancers in Nigeria is below what is obtainable in most countries. This is basically due…


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           Your mistake as a startup shouldn't be that you woke up at the junction and realized that you had your T-fare but didn't know where you where headed.…

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  "  Techpreneurs should learn to separate business from their technological background   "

Youths are native to ICT and understand its languages much better than other age segments. Interesting enough, they anchor the ICT segment of the economy both in the public and private sector.…


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Your Website Needs a Progressive Web application

 If you need a website that enhances user experience and ensures that you do not loose visitors to your site due to connectivity or other technical issues. Then I propose you convert your website to a progressive web application.

Progressive web apps (PWA), are new technologies that combine the best experiences of a web and the best of application. It…


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Color Sceme For a Productive Work Environment

Many people may undermine the importance of color in the work place. However, this has been refuted, scientific studies have shown that colors don’t only change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity for better and for worse  in our daily lives. In a work environment where most people dedicate at least 8 hours  of their day, it’s best to decorate it with vibrant hues that increase output and spark creativity.…


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Blogging sounds like a conventional thing especially to prolific writers. However blogging does not really require much of hard work, it requires smart work. What do I mean; to make money blogging, you need to know more than writing and posting contents on your blog.

Now , how do you make money on blogs ?…


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