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iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C Comparison

This is an eye opener Post for people who want to know the clear difference and Similarity between Iphone 5s and iphone 5c.Here is a full comparism.

If you plan on getting any one of iphone 5c or 5s,then check out this post,,,,,readmore

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New Blackberry Q5-Full Features, Specification and Availabilty

Recently,Blackberry  maker announced its new brand of BlackBerry smart phone ,the Q5 in Orlando.The latest Blackberry  Q5  as is coming as a successor and an improvement to the Blackberry q10 and Z10 which was released sometimes in the year.

The low budget BlackBerry Q5…


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Track Down a lost/Stolen BlackBerry 10 device Using BlackBerry Protect

Taking an active measure to protect your newly acquired blackberry 10 device should be the first thing to do once you are done setting up  blackberry z10.To do so,you need to enable the inherent blackberry protect feature.The blackberry protect is a free service offered by BlackBerry which allow you totrack and locate a lost or stolen BlackBerry…


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New Blackberry Q10:Features And prices In Nigeria

Blackberry maker RIM announced the release of blackberry  Q10 and Z10   just about two month back making the duo the first of its kind to run the BB10 operating system.while the BlackBerry Q10 keeps the trademark hardware QWERTY keyboard ,plus a touchscreen ,the Z10 lacks a visual keyboard  Instead, BlackBerry chose to go touch screen-only, just like all the other phones that consumers have been…


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How To Make Money Watching TV: How can this be true?

Viggle is a loyalty program that allows users to earn points that they can redeem for gift cards by watching TV. By downloading the app, filling out the form, and watching TV, you are providing information that advertisers want to pay for. And you will be the one getting paid. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any Android device, you can take advantage of this little opportunity.

This is by no means a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. You earn a couple points at a time. Even if…


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This short piece is for you guys out there seeking financial autonomy. So much if not too much stories has been said/narrated about the recharge voucher printing software/business; How lucrative it is,how risky it is,startingup guides etc.
Yes it can be truly profitable, risky and very easy to kick start with little capital for those wishing to do the business on small scale basis, it all depends on your dedication toward the business, amount of money you are willing to put into…

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How To Update Nokia Firmware Using Nokia Suite/Udate Application

Ensuring your nokia symbian phone functions at its best would require you to update your nokia firmware/softwares.This update when done successfully ensures your phone function optimally and also enables you receive  latest services and features from Nokia
Nokia firmware can be done either using your phoneupdate application or using nokia suite
Follow this simple steps to get your phone updated
Select Menu > Applications…

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Etisalat free browsing with tweakware vpn

Earlier in  a post i shared on this page,i shared with you how you can use your airtel Blackberry internet subscription to browse on PC,while i received so many complains from different corners,i also got commendation from some who did the right thing and got the…

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Are you tired of spending huge sum of money subscribing to the internet on monthly basis? If you answered yes to the above question,then i advise you to keep on reading this post if not you can opt out immediately

Some time s ago it was the era of freegate and ultrasurf,but unfortunately MTN  blocked it before some people could make use of it.But now its the turn of airtel

Ihave received complains from some of my friend on how to browse with airtel BB on pc so i decided to…


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The ipad is a special type of tablet pc running on apple ios manufactured by Apple incorporated whose basic functions almost equal that of a laptop computer. Ipad since its introduction in early 2010 has seen three different version of the product including the newly released Ipad mini.
One major difficulty faced by Ipad user is that…

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The use of informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speakers own language, but more accepted when used in social media communities is referred to as slang. It is not so uncommon finding friends in the social media like Facebook,…


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How to create pdf file from misrosoft document

PDF is a great means of creating and publishing you content and promoting you product or educational materials. In the blogging world, PDF is a useful means of packaging eBooks and other products for online stores. Before now, creating PDF file either means you are a Microsoft guru or you end up spending you time online seeking for word to PDF converter. But today you can create PDF files for free provided you have Microsoft word 2007 or higher installed on your computer
In a…

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Apple has finally announced the release of  IPAD MINI bringing to an end weeks of speculation. The ipad mini as announced was built from the scratch rather than a reduction/shrink of the larger IPAD 3. The new ipad mini retains the same resolution of the original iPad, meaning apps designed…


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