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Taking care of the environment is a responsibility everyone should feel accountable for, but only few are putting in selfless efforts. Majority of us are fully aware of environmental friendly processes such as waste recycling, but have little or no knowledge about Energy Saving (LED) bulbs and its numerous…


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What You Must Consider Before Purchasing a Solar Power System

Before you pull out your cheque book and hire a solar contractor to install your solar power system, you should complete an energy efficiency audit of your home/office first. This is important because you want to make your home/office as energy efficient as possible in order to reduce the number of solar power panels…


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Apple Goes Big in Solar Adventure!!!

Solar energy has been rapidly embraced by the technology world, thanks to the renewable energy initiative RE100 that helps companies and municipalities reach 100% renewable energy goal. Along with companies like Google and Facebook, Apple has emerged over recent years as one of the leaders among large-scale data center operators in terms of the amount of investment and effort…


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Price Reduction on Cloud Energy Solar Panels

As Cloud Energy grows, we continue to seek ways to improve customer satisfaction. We work towards driving down costs while maintaining our outstanding supply of efficient Energy solutions. In addition to reducing our prices on a regular basis, we also provide an avenue that gives our beloved customers the freedom of paying for…


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Safety Tips for the Festive Season

Year 2016 is gradually coming to a close. The resolutions, goals set, the achievements and the failures all comprise of the 2016 experience.

Plans roll in for the festive season from shopping, friends/family visits to traveling. Now, This is the period where some people's focus is to cause harm to others in a bid to "package" themselves for the…


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Productive Commuting

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How to Choose the Right Laptop Bag

You may have paid a high price if you recently purchased a laptop especially in this recession times, so it pays to put the device in a carrying bag which will protect it sufficiently. Whether you're packing a petite Lenovo or Acer laptop, a super-slim Ultrabook or a huge 17-inch laptop, there are lots of considerations to take into account when buying a laptop bag aside from mere protection.…


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How to Fix Corrupt SD Memory Cards

Your SD Card got corrupt? Sorry to hear that.It's sad when we loose pictures or videos of wonderful moments just because your SD got corrupt and you're unable to fix it. Well, worry less! Here are Easy ways to fix your Corrupt SD Card.

A chip…


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In the light of the recent announcement by the federal government of the increase of pump price of fuel to 145 Naira per litre, it has become pertinent to come up with a few measures to help cushion the harsh effect of the increase.

Here are a few tips to help you;


Buy walking shoes and an umbrella for short distance trips. Nigerians naturally are lazy particularly the car owners. You find that even to go to the kiosk down your street,…


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Essential Appliances for Every Office Break Room

Every office needs a break room ( also called a Lunch room) where employees can get to relax,eat lunch or enjoy some time away from work.

Consider how these appliances could help improve the productivity of employees and also give them a homey feeling while at work.



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