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Coronavirus COVID-19 | Strategies to prevent it, and workouts you must do

The new outbreak of the disease called coronavirus is officially called SARS-CoV-2, where by this represents several acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. And an infection with this kind of virus can result to the coronavirus covid-19 disease.Continue reading ➞

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Unlimited Airtel Cheat Code For Browsing | Enjoy 20GB Free

Are you out there and you are probably tired or fed up subscribing to airtel monthly subscription, Hey bro, you better stop that now and join the click of this free to air airtel jollification that is currently pushing waves now like there will be no tomorrow so. Do not forget to come back and thank me when this airtel awoof works for you and you can just simply do that by using the comment box below this publication to show your gratitude…


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Glo Cheat Codes, Subscription codes, & Glo promo Here

Glo Cheat Codes and its internet packages are widely known as the cheapest in Nigeria today… we all individually know that it is not arguable as it has been proven over time that globacomm Nigeria offer its customers or users the most cheapest internet package compare to its counterparts. Though most Nigerians and users has also said that it is one of the slowest internet connection in some…


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UBA Recruitment, Application Form

UBA recruitment of the United Bank For Africa Plc Graduates and Non-graduates enlistment application portal has now commence for all interested persons who wishes to join the United Bank For Africa careers group are hereby advice to Download and apply for the available position now! Continue…


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Coronavirus, Covid-19 Self Meds & Protection, China revealed

Coronavirus covid-19 has become the world most concern virus today. Even as the world health organization has made a public notice that the coronavirus a pandemic, and the number infected and death cases has continue to rise all over the world. But thank god as some specialists has come up with some basic steps you can take to help you and I to reduce the risk of getting sick or infecting other people around.…


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Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment | How to apply

CBN RECRUITMENT of central bank of Nigerian has commenced. All interested persons who wished to join central bank of Nigeria as a staff are here by advice to download the application form of the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment 2020/2021 application form Online or Register via Central Bank of Nigeria Application portal for free via

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How to Apply @ zenith bank careers

Are you good at banking, are you looking for a graduate or undergraduate in the banking sector or you want to undergo your industrial training (IT) in a bank? If your answer is yes, then you are most welcome to start a career today with zenith bank plc. Zenith bank careers Development. Zenith Bank offers… Read More »

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9mobile Etisalat Free Browsing | Hot Cheats | Free Data

9mobile Etisalat | Are you tired of subscribing monthly and yet it does not last long as expected for a complete one month? Have you ever fall in the category of those who loves surfing the net at all time, making research, browsing on Facebook, instagram, twitter and many other social networking platform, do you… Read More »

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Apple Watch Series | How to set up My Apple Watch

I am happy you have got your fancy new apple watch!!. And there is every possibility that you have unpacked from its elegant packaging and as well, you must have also admired it sleek design, but you cannot talk to Siri or get to answer text on your wrist watch not until you have 100%… Read More »

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How to Block Someone On Facebook | Sign in, Unfriend & Block Someone

Blocking or unfriending someone on Facebook can be an effective way of protecting oneself from any form of toxic and harmful individuals, it could also be as a result of harassments or probably, people you just don’t want to communicate with anymore. So because of this, I have decided to write this article to give… Read More »

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How to Permanently Delete My Gmail Account | Sign up & Sign in

Are you good to go in taking break from Gmail Account? If you are set to drop Google’s email service, you need to permanently delete your Gmail account… and this publication today I am going to show you how to do that with ease successfully on here. Yes of truth and well known that the… Read More »

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Social Security Number | What Do I Do If Lost / Stolen | Check

The Social Security number (SSN) is a confidential number issued to all U.S. citizens and eligible U.S. residents who apply for one will be given to by the U.S. government. This SSN contains a nine-digit number and the government the United States of America uses this number to keep track of your lifetime earnings and… Read More »

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Black Friday | How To Shop Safely | Online shopping Tips

black friday shopping, Yes i quite agree with you that online Shopping is a widely and convenient way of buying anything from the comfort of your home and item been delivered to your door step…which sounds so cool bro! But do you also think of been compromised of your card or information? Fine this what… Read More »

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Samsung Galaxy S20 | S20 Specs, Price & Release Date here

Hey, know this is what you have been waiting for and the same time asking to know much more about…yes Samsung has finally unveiled its galaxy s20 which you have been waiting for to see, to feel and to use!! And from the reliable leaks we have got about the galaxy unpacked event, it really… Read More »

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MTN internet Browsing Cheat | Activation Code Here

mtn free browsing methods, mtn cheat, mtn tweaks, mtn codes, mtn software cheat codes and ways it can be done with the several benefits that are inherent in it......READ MORE HERE

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First bank Recharge Code | Buy Airtime From First Bank here

Good morning visitor, it’s a blessed day over here and I hope it is so from your end. This morning, on my way to work I heard someone on a phone conversation saying that he do not know how to recharge his phone via his first bank of Nigeria account which is been done by… Read More »

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NDDC Recruitment | Niger Delta Development Commission recruitment | Apply Here

Have you been waiting to get the latest update from the Niger Delta Development Commission recruitment for this year, do you want to apply for the NDDC recruitment and do not know how to apply or go about it?…if yes is your answer then this publication is strictly for you. In this NDDC RECRUITMENT publication… Read More »

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MTN internet Browsing Cheat | Activation Code Here

Mtn internet Browsing Nigeria telecommunication is one of the broad fast leading mobile telecommunication firm in Nigeria today as we all know. This telecommunication firm has been in operation for 10 years now. And its subscribers has been enjoying it service for real…irrespective of the fact that many has been looking for the cheat code… Read More »

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