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How to Update Contact Information on PayPal?

To use PayPal without facing hurdles on the way, you must keep your account updated all the time. Most of the users, even after changing their contact details they forget to update their contact information.

However, it is quite important to keep your phone number updated on PayPal as it will help you in getting through the PayPal Login process easily.

Keeping that in mind, I have penned down…


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User’s guide to make an efficient use of Paypal Buyer Protection

The moment you pay using Paypal, you will get offers from Paypal Buyer protection regarding complete protection if your transaction encounters issues or problems. It is important to understand that if the item doesn’t arrive or is not properly illustrated then the Paypal Buyer Protection will help you to get a full refund. However, there are certain parameters to qualify the PayPal buyer protection, these are as…


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Fix “unlicensed product” activation error during Office setup

You are all set to setup Microsoft Office subscription on your device and suddenly what you see during the activation is an error message. And, according to this message your product is unlicensed. In this situation, you get terrified because you have already paid for your subscription and still it is showing to be unlicensed. Worry not if you are experiencing a similar situation as this has also happened with several other users.

In reference to the similar queries…


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Explore OneNote Additional Features for Android

There are certain features of Microsoft OneNote that make it standalone from the rest. In case you just missed these prominent features here, we will discuss them once again. These features have been added to OneNote for android recently. There have been much about the software, from natural inking competence to language support of left-to-right along with the search improvements, all these features are available so do not get panic and just let us know what you think!

List of…


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Get your Favorite Office apps in a Single all-in-one app

There is good news for the Microsoft Office users who were using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on their Android devices. They can now enjoy using these three apps in a single all-in-one package of app exclusively launched for Android users. With the availability of this app on the Google Play Store, users can work on documents, sheets, and presentation under one umbrella.

This take on the part of Microsoft will attract more users to download it in the coming future because of…


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How to eradicate McAfee Security Center not responding issue?

McAfee Security Center is a security suite that is one in a million as it offers power and threat intelligence to a number of McAfee users. It helps McAfee customers to scan, detect, identify, remove, and restrict the harmful threats from entering your PC. It comprises of a two-way firewall that restricts dangerous downloads and alerts you of public network interruption so that you can stay alert when unwanted people try to steal your password.

McAfee Security Center also consists of…


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How to Combat Misinformation Available Online That can Harm you?

To find out relevant information over digital platforms has been a heavy task since the beginning. On our mobile screen, we see headlines when we wake up and even our routers can perform the difficult task via voice. Nowadays we can search for relevant information with quick search and send the relevant results to our social groups. As there are many information providers there are many fraud information providers who share fake and misinformation.


Sometimes you also visit…


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How to complete MS Office documents by just talking?

We all know that typing does take more time than writing for some content. With Office Windows 8 software you will get the accessible features that are readily available and designed to make your computer listen and type to what you are saying.  With the advanced feature of speech recognition, you can easily control the Office apps with your voice commands. Establishing Office 2013 will assist you to work with speech recognition with a two-stage process.


In this two-stage…


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Bitcoin Casino is Legal?

Although Bitcoins are operated across the globe digitally as the information flows freely in some countries and territories that have created their own rules and regulation to use Bitcoin and operate Bitcoin casinos but the answer remains a No. The Bitcoin casino is illegal in some provinces but gambling is considered to be legal in some areas.  Remember, you need not consider the gambling laws here, the…


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Arm your devices with McAfee to avoid ‘zero-day threats’

This earth is full of people who spend most of their time using smart devices. Every day some technological development takes place and we get to witness something new in the digital world. But, the truth is that, not only the technology gets improved but also new bugs make way to our digital lives. This is where ‘zero-day threats’ come in. If you do not know much about it, then worry no more. We are going to learn a few essential things that you should know about it. Along with this,…


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How to change macros in the Excel Visual Basic language?

If we talk about the visual basic programming it is a very powerful tool of the MS Excel environment. In Excel, the MS Macros are created by the language by offering enhanced interactivity with real calculations. There are many spreadsheet designers who wanted their products to be compatible between the MS Office and its alternative source that is known to be Open Office. However, the visual basic macro language is not clearly supported by the Open Office app.

When you try to convert…


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Know the Tactics to Change the Color Themes in Office Apps

The Office applications are never boring, working with MS Office not only helps you to accomplish your professional task timely and efficiently. So, the developers of Office applications know it well. You can now tweak the look and the feel of Office application to make it more appealing and more like home. There are many people who work with Office programs to accomplish a large portion of work. You need to just take some time and learn the best way to make your Office set to the…


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How to fix the “At risk” problem detected by McAfee?

When the McAfee program runs actively on your device, then it automatically detects a problem with your PC. Sometimes when it detects a problem with your Windows PC, you see the “At risk" warning message along with an exclamation mark. This means the security of your device is at risk. The most obvious reason why your PC is undergoing this problem is that the firewall of McAfee is currently disabled or inactive.

There could be a few more problems with the firewall…


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