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10 Ways Text Message can Improve in Educational System In Nigeria

Right from my earlier school, over 40% of parents survey during PTA meetings said, text message is the most effective digital communication tools. It was a big jump to 85% of parents surveyed in 2017.

Why Text Message is important for School Communications?

Nowadays, most of school activities are being passed to parents or guardians through email newsletter, facebook post, and whatsapp messages. Incredibly,…


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How to Apply Proper Use of Mobile Device in Church

Nowadays, many churches who acknowledge technology during service face anti-tech side-eyes. Unquestionably, there are some many churches who think devices are big distraction to their members. What will be your opinion about denying church members access to their mobile devices inside church? Since younger people see their device as a natural part of their daily lives. Most times they don’t see it as disrespectful act or distraction.

Majority of them, obtain…


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Why Nigerian Young Agro Manufacturers Should Venture into Bitter Kola Exportation

Do you know that Bitter Kola otherwise known as Garcinia Kola is a highly sought after product in the international market, in countries like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and many other Asian countries.

Bitter kola is exported in different types – Wet, Dried, and Powdered depending on the specification of your buyers demand.

Do you also know that bitter kola is a Natural medium sized forest tree found in some State in Nigeria, especially in the Northern part of the…


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How Nigeria PROMO PROGRAMS can generate huge revenue from SMS SHORTCODE

The Increase growth of mobile phone owners in Nigeria has noted to be very high. SMS marketing are becoming one of the most effective methods of communication in Nigeria. The increase number of cooperate companies and agencies has positioned SMS SHORTCODE one of promotional means of complementing marketing effort using text promotion.

Moreover, audience participation in some shows and other broadcasting activates can be well communicated through SMS SHORTCODE. Example;…


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Why does your business need a website?

Why do you need a website?

Creating a website is like opening a door and inviting potential customers into your business.

Why does your business need a website?

It a very simple question, your site communicate with your customers 24hrs a day even without your present. Your customer get to know you more through your website.

What is website?

A website is single domain that contains different web pages. By now anybody that can answer call with his or her phone…


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I will manually format and Convert Your Word doc to Kindle format for $5

I will format and convert any kind of word document to a Kindle Book. You will get your document 100% professional with a hyper-linked, and quality, clickable Table of Contents.


Professional design and layout of your pages, with correct title, paragraph and text styling applied.

Clickable table of contents (TOC)…


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