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Best Business Ideas for 2018

It’s indeed a pleasure to be alive to see the last days of the year 2017.

Many made profits while several others have incurred losses in their business. But all hope is not lost as I will be bringing you the best business ideas for 2018 which you can choose from. I strongly believe that 2018 is going to be a good year for business men and women both offline and online.

The first on my list of best business ideas for 2018…


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Two Reasons Why You Should not Believe in God

Many things around me make me wonder and ask questions that also linger in the hearts of many.

While some believe a supreme being made these things be. Others conclude there is no God. Others resort to worshiping inanimate objects as god.

Be it as it may, what do you think about this life?

Do we just exist or someone created us?

Do the seas, plants, animals, stars, sun, moon,thunder, lightening and every other thing have some one that made them be?

I thought of… Continue

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Small Business Ideas

It is no longer news that the rate of unemployment has greatly increased in the past one year and there is need for people to resort to business, getting involved in a meaningful business is the only alternative to the rising rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Now when we talk about employment it does not only mean being an employee in an organisation but also getting involved in business either in agriculture, buying and selling, internet business,importation, manufacturing etc. Today we see…


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