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Nigerian issues: GEJ ,Zik et a


On assessing GEJ government in the light of Bombings and insecurity

GEJ is still acquiring power and until he gets on top of it he will continue to be cautious of its use. The polity is already soiled and he finds himself between the devil and the blue sea. Although he wants to move towards the new Nigeria he has to work with the old which is a hindrance to the emergence of the new. Remember he got there through intricate deals aimed at sustaining the status quo…


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Walking the minefield of Nigerian issues


Is Nigeria a nation of Quota system, religious bigotry, and economic opportunism?

What you enumerate is the outcome of military meddling in an area they are ill equip t to handle. What matters now is that we cannot change things by becoming fixed in it. If not for ourselves but for our children this is the time to make changes. Unfortunately they are going about it wrongly yet again without waiting to understand that you do not solve a problem by adopting the…


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Recent comments on burning national Issues


On doubt about one Nigeria

How can we pick crumbs when the table is fully laid? For 40 years they ruled you with this contraception   known as federalism and you have been in this pit toilet for all this time without complaint. Now you are about to be brought out of it and you are complaining of the smell. Now that GEJ is up there why can't you allow him rule them with the same contraception for a while until we all agree that a change in the constitution is to…


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